Cooking on Portable Gas Grills

If you love outdoor grilling, you’ll love portable grills. Manufacturers have been quick to respond to the various market demands for grills. The portable grill’s convenience is without doubt this equipment’s greatest benefit especially if you like to go on outdoor trips like camping or fishing. You can enjoy grilling your steaks, burgers and vegetable kebabs regardless of your location. In fact, you can’t argue with the fact that the tandem of barbecue and the outdoors go very well together.

Some serious grilling enthusiasts however still maintain that improvements can be made on the portable grill. It seems that there are still some design specifications that can do with some improvements. An informal practical test by a consumer group was conducted on 4 portable grill brands to see how they performed next to their traditional counterparts and the results should be taken into consideration by grill designers.

The primary observation made when chicken and salmon were grilled was that each one provided juicy outputs but had a tendency to be charred on the outside. In relation to this, the handle of three of the brands were made of plastic material which during grilling became hot. The fourth brand included the suggestion that the lid should be kept open while grilling. While this kept the handle from getting too hot, there were some side effects. For one, it took about twenty minutes more to grill the chicken. The problem with the longer grilling time was it produced a dry chicken with a charred exterior. You do have to keep in mind though that while the best built in gas grills may cook better, they can cost thousands of dollars more than a cheap portable grill.

All models are equipped with automated ignitions which are convenient compared to the traditional barbecues using charcoal. The amount of time saved is great if you are trying to do other camping activities. The models were also designed with the environment in mind. They came with drip cups or bottles that are convenient for handling barbecue waste and residue. Each model came with a variety of other features such as carrying cases, side shelves and hooks for hanging utensils.

An interesting fact is that three of the four brands are known for their outdoor equipment and camping gear while the fourth is a leading grill brand. The test did not consider how the design of each grill reflected the background of each manufacturer. Perhaps there is something here for each of these manufacturers to learn. In conclusion, it seems like a good idea to take the background of each manufacturer into consideration when buying a portable grill. At the least it helps the consumer by forcing suppliers raise the quality and features of each portable grill design.

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