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Copper bathroom sink

Copper sinks have quickly become one of the most popular choices in sinks due to both their functionality as well as their beauty. Please read on to find out all you need to know about Copper sinks and all the information that will help you choose the right copper sink for your home…

Why Choose A Copper Sink?

  • One of the big attractions of copper sinks is that they are pretty much maintenance free.
  • The color of your copper sink will change to a medium coppery brown color over time. This is one of the things that makes these sinks beautiful.
  • Leave the copper untreated and it will become a light bronze color in time.
  • Chemicals are not needed to clean a copper sink, you can simply use soap and water and the sink will look great.
  • If you decide you like the new look of your copper sink, you can use brass wax on it and it will retain it’s original color.
  • Due to the natural antibacterial elements found in copper, copper sinks are considered cleaner and more sanitary than other, conventional sinks.

Bacteria cannot survive on the surface of copper, in fact there are many studies showing copper may be even better than stainless steel when it comes to sanitation. The reason for this is bacteria can live on the surface of stainless steel for several days as opposed to just a couple of hours on the surface of copper.


A big reason many people choose copper sinks for their kitchen or bathroom is because they want to add some elegance to the room. You can almost consider your copper sink a work of art since most of them are made by hand. copper is very basic, yet elegant, and will enhance the style and look of any kitchen or bathroom.

There are a couple of different finishes available with copper sinks. You can get a more natural looking copper sink that has a reddish tint. these are great in Asian or contemporary style homes. there are also copper sinks available with a clear type finish. These sinks have a more brownish look to them and go well with more classic room designs.

Useful to know

An important thing to remember when purchasing a copper sink is that some are made from recycled copper. This is usually true of the less expensive copper sinks and while recycling is usually a good thing, in the case of copper sinks the copper is only about 90% pure on average. These sinks may have anything from melted down computers or electronic machinery, or one of many other things in them. These sinks are not as strong or have the natural abilities of 100% copper when it comes to their looks, so think twice before saving a few dollars on your copper sink. Select the right copper sink and it will add beauty and elegance to your home for many years.

Copper Kitchen Sink

When looking for ways to upgrade your kitchen, one obvious thing to change is the sink. Many people end up replacing their old, scratched stainless steel sink with another, new, stainless steel sink. Doing something like that does make your kitchen look newer, and even cleaner. But does it really upgrade or change the look of your kitchen?


Consider thinking outside the box when looking at your kitchen sink. The kitchen has a lot of places and things that can end up being focal points and conversation pieces for your guests. Take them one at a time and try to make all of them stand out on their own while showing their own piece of your style. When it comes to the kitchen sink, it is hard to beat the wow factor associated with seeing a copper kitchen sink for the first time. Most people have never seen a copper sink before, so they are not ready for the impact of just how beautiful these sinks can be. Whether it is a smooth finish or a hammered finish, farmhouse style, or under-mount, a new copper kitchen sink is sure to have your guests talking.


There are a couple of practical reasons for you to consider a copper kitchen sink. Copper is a naturally clean metal, in fact it has antibacterial qualities not found in most materials used for kitchen sinks. Bacteria cannot survive for very long on the surface of a copper sink. Compared that to stainless steel, where bacteria can live for days. So for those of you worried about the health of your family, as you should be, you cannot beat a copper kitchen sink for the “healthy factor” alone.

While the look of a new copper sink tends to be shiny, as copper ages that look changes a bit to a flatter finish that most people think is even more stunning that the look of the same copper when it was new. It is possible to use copper finish and cleaning products that will prevent this aging look to the copper. i would certainly advise against that though as this is one of the qualities of copper sinks that makes them so unique.


When shopping for your copper kitchen sink, keep quality in mind. Most copper sinks purchased in the United States or Mexico are fine. But there are a lot of imported products appearing on the market in recent years. One problem with some of those copper products is they are not 100% copper. This can cause issues as the copper can have things happen to it that are not things that would happen to a quality copper sink like rusting, or discoloration of welds. these things can ruin the look of your sink, so there is good reason to be sure where your sink was made. Another feature of less than top quality copper sinks is some are made of thinner copper. This can result in a tinny sort of sound when water runs into the sink, and also makes the sink easier to dent.

As long as you stick to a copper kitchen sink made in the USA or Mexico, there is almost nothing that can make you regret your purchase. Your new sink will be a focus of attention and reflection of the style you have put into your new kitchen. Your guests will be complimenting you for it and talking about your new copper kitchen sink long after they leave.

Copper Vessel Sink

If you are redecorating a bathroom in your home, one way to really add style to it is to add a copper vessel sink. Some bathrooms are pretty small, or perhaps you are redecorating a small powder room. In a small space, you need to think outside the box in order to make a big change in appearance. Copper sinks are beautiful anywhere you put them, but add a copper vessel sink to your bathroom or powder room and you have not just added a sink. You have added a functional piece of art.

Vessel sinks all by themselves make a great statement in style, but when you make that vessel sink one of the copper variety, you will have your guests talking about their trip to your powder room for some time to come!

But is a copper vessel sink the right kind of bathroom sink for you? There are a couple of things to keep in mind about vessel sinks in general. These things are true whether you are going with a copper vessel sink or any other vessel sink:


First of all, you will have to make substantial adjustments to your plumbing and vanity. A vessel sink mounts to the top of the counter, or vanity. Because of this, your counter top will be lower than normal, and you will have less storage space under it due to it’s lower height. This is partly made up for by the extra space you get from the lack of a sink hanging down into your cabinet. But overall you will likely have less space than you did before. Take a look at the other storage space in your bathroom and make sure you can deal with a little less storage space before deciding to go with a bathroom vessel sink.


The other big consideration is your plumbing. At the very least you will have to have the water lines rerouted a little, perhaps a lot. You may choose to have them run up through your wall and then have the faucet and hardware come straight out of the wall and over your vessel sink. Or you can stick with a through the counter top type of mounting, but it will need some movement in order to work with your new vessel sink. Many people choose the wall mounted hardware ass this puts a unique, classy touch on the plumbing and also leaves the copper vessel sink alone to be viewed from almost all the way around. With a smooth, hammered, or unique design finish, this sink is truly a conversation piece.

Consider all your options when thinking about a vessel sink. But aside from a little less storage and an investment in moving your plumbing, there is nothing but upside to adding a copper vessel sink to your bathroom or powder room. You could possibly have the smallest room in your home making the biggest impact in both style and function.

Copper Bar Sink

When most people add a bar to their home, they concentrate on the actual bar top itself, and labor over things like what kind of storage they should have for liquor or glasses, which type of counter-top they should use, etc. Of course those things are important, but there are a few things that will make your bar memorable to your visitors, and one thing in particular that will have your guests telling their friends about the bar in your home. What is it? It is your new copper bar sink, of course!

Why copper?

Most people have never even seen a copper bar sink in a private home. There are a couple of reasons for this. For one, copper sinks can get very expensive. Another reason you probably have not seen one is that copper sinks in general are just not something people think of when they are looking for a new sink. But they certainly should be. If you have seen a copper sink before then you know just how beautiful they are. In the case of a copper bar sink, it will almost always be the thing people are talking about when they remember your home bar. They are just that spectacular!


The good news is that while copper sinks can get expensive, most bar sinks are fairly small. So, if you want to add a copper sink to your home, and the price has been keeping you from putting a copper sink into your kitchen or bathroom, your home bar could just be the perfect place! The typical bar sink is less than 15 inches wide, compared to 30 plus inches for a typical double bowl kitchen sink. Less copper equals less cost. But don’t kid yourself on the cost.

Copper bar sinks are more expensive than sinks made from most other materials. That is just a fact we have to deal with, but you will not find a choice in sinks that will give you more bang for your buck than a copper sink. And in a small area like your bar, your copper bar sink will give you even more!


Like other copper sinks, those of the bar variety are hand crafted, which also adds to the price. Once you have found the style of copper bar sink you want, check to be sure it is truly 100% copper, so you get all the great natural benefits out of the copper like strength, being naturally antibacterial, very easy to clean and maintain, and their ability to slowly change to a more seasoned coloring as they age which generally makes them more beautiful as time goes by.

If you want your bar to stand out and be something your guests are talking about long after they leave your home, consider a copper bar sink. Yes, it will cost you more money than most bar sinks will, but if you are like most people who have chosen copper sinks, you will love your decision to add a copper bar sink.

Copper Farm Sink

Copper farm sinks, also called copper farmhouse sinks or copper apron sinks, can add a touch of antique charm to your home. These sinks are perfect for someone who likes the rustic farmhouse type of style, and also wants a deep, larger sink. The same finishes available with other copper sinks are available with farm sinks, so the decision to get a farm sink comes down to the size and shape of the sink rather than the fact it is made of copper.

Copper farm sink

If you have decided you definitely want a copper sink, but have not settled on exactly which style you want, you should definitely add copper farm sinks to your list of the styles you view. While you can get a farm sink for your bathroom, they are much more common in the kitchen, where a large copper farm sink can really be a focal point. For that copper bathroom sink, you may want to stick with the other style of copper sinks that are generally smaller and fit in better in a bathroom setting. On the other hand, if a copper kitchen sink is what you are looking for, then definitely consider a sink in this category. It used to be hard to find a copper farm sink that was anything other than one large bowl, but now there are double and even triple bowl options in copper farm sinks.


As for the finish, you can go for a hammered finish that really adds a rustic type of style to the room, or a smooth finish that will show off the copper’s unique beauty. The finish really comes into play more with a copper farm sink than with other styles of copper sink. This is because with a farm sink, the front is traditionally exposed to view rather than hidden behind the cabinetry. Typically the sink sits on a support structure and has a flange that hangs either over or tucks under the counter top like a traditional under-mount sink. With the front of a large copper farm sink exposed, the copper really influences the style of the rest of the room, so keep that in mind when planning other decorations and accessories.

Remember that copper has some unique qualities and is different in many ways than other metals used in the manufacturing of sinks today.

Copper will change color slowly as it ages. this is a good thing as an aged copper sink is truly a beautiful thing to see. Copper also has antibacterial qualities. This means it is easier to clean and in general is safer for your family. Bacteria cannot live on a copper surface for very long, compared to days on a surface like stainless steel. When shopping for your copper sink, definitely consider a copper farm sink. They are truly beautiful, practical, and are an overall enhancement to the style of whatever setting in which you choose for it.

What To Look For When Buying A Copper Sink

Copper sink in the bathroom

There are some very important things to keep in mind as you make your decisions about if a copper sink is right for your home, and then when choosing which copper sink you want. Some of these issues are purely aesthetic, but some are very serious and the health of you family is involved. Let’s go over some of these things so you can get the most out of whatever copper sink you choose without having any worries.


First of all, cost is a factor. As you do your research you will see that the price of copper sinks is very wide ranging. You will see some copper sinks from a couple of hundred dollars all the way up to a few thousand dollars, and everywhere in between. If you decide on a totally custom copper sink, you can spend as much money as you want, there really is no top end!

With today’s economy, most people are looking for discounts and bargains. As you shop for your new copper sink, I would suggest to you that you do not make a quick decision and pick a low cost sink. With copper sinks the old saying “you get what you pay for” really comes into play. There are definite concerns with some of the cheaper copper sinks available on the market.


When looking at copper sinks, first check to see if there are any welds. If there are, they should be welded of copper. If the weld is not a copper weld, you will likely see color changes of the welded areas over time that do not match the sink color. If you are ordering your copper sink online, check out the vendor’s return policy. this is especially true if you are having a copper sink made to certain specifications. You do not want to purchase a sink that was made to the wrong size and then find out you cannot return it.

Another issue when dealing with the low end of the price spectrum is the thickness of the copper used during manufacturing. The amount of copper used to make the sink directly affects the cost of the sink, so thinner sinks can be sold cheaper than thicker sinks. There are a couple of issues with copper sinks made of thin copper. First, they can be dented much more easily. Also, when water is running, it can sound like water running into a tin can rather than a sturdy sink. To avoid these issues look for sinks made from at least 16 gauge copper. A sink made from 14 gauge copper would be ideal. The lower the gauge, the thicker the material.


And finally, let’s talk about safety. Copper is a worldwide commodity, and like many other metals the prices have been rising. As copper sinks have become more and more popular, there have been more of them being manufactured in third world countries. The source of the copper can come into question in some cases, and you may not be getting pure copper in your sink. There have been cases of lead appearing in copper sinks, and obviously that is not a good thing and can lead to health issues. To be safe, make sure your copper sink was made in the USA. Aside from that, ask for documentation that your copper sink is truly 100% copper. A good secondary source of quality copper sinks is Mexico, where some of the most beautiful sinks are made.

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