Copper Mailbox Styles and Types, Accessories

Simple copper mailboxA copper mailbox adds style and elegance to the front of any home. Copper mailboxes are a great way to add curb appeal to your home without breaking the bank, and they come in a variety of styles to suit many different home design tastes. You can choose from the aged look of a copper mailbox that gracefully patinas to a natural, greenish color with age, or if you would like to retain the look of “like new” copper, you can have your copper mailbox coated with non-toxic clear lacquer to prevent it from changing color over time. Whichever type of finish you prefer, the copper mailbox you choose will provide years of beauty gracing the front of your home, while providing a very functional purpose.

One beneficial aspect of a copper mailbox, in addition to its upscale look and interesting design, is that copper is a durable metal that will stand up to the test of time without corroding or rusting, and therefore your copper mailbox will not need replacement anytime in the near future unless you decide you are ready for a new mailbox style.

Copper mailboxes can withstand any type of weather and compliment many home styles. They require little to no maintenance and copper does not deteriorate over time the way some other metals do.

If you are in the market for a copper mailbox, here are a few different styles to consider:

Antique copper mailbox

Choosing an antique copper mailbox can add an extra special touch to your home. You can find antique copper mailboxes at antique shops and they come in a wide variety of styles and with many intricate and interesting design elements, such as decorative scrolls, embossing, and more. If searching for a truly antique copper mailbox is not your thing, you can also find copper mailboxes that look antique but are new. Either way, you will wind up with a beautiful way to hold your mail.

Hammered copper mailbox

For an interesting finish, you may want to consider hammered copper mailboxes. They have a natural finish to the copper and hand hammering adds a unique element to the mailbox’s finish as compared to a solid copper mailbox. You can purchase a fully hand hammered copper mailbox or a style that has only sections of hammered copper that are placed on top of brass, solid copper, or other metals.

Copper look mailbox

If you do not want the expense of a natural copper mailbox, you can select a copper look mailbox. Copper look mailboxes are not actually copper, but are typically constructed from another material that are painted or finished to look like copper. One drawback to these types of mailboxes is that they will not naturally patina like real copper mailboxes will.

Copper top mailbox

Rather than a solid copper mailbox, you can select a copper top mailbox in order to save money. Copper top mailboxes have a coating of copper on the top of a mailbox made from another metal. These mailboxes offer the look of copper mailboxes without the cost of a fully copper mailbox.

Wall mount copper mailbox

If your mail is delivered directly to your front door, a wall mounted copper mailbox is an attractive way to collect your mail. Wall mount copper mailboxes come in a variety of sizes (usually sold as small, medium or large) and many also have copper hanging brackets attached to the bottom of the mailbox to hold your outgoing mail for pick up or newspapers and larger mail that does not fit within the box.

Curbside copper mailbox

For those whose mailbox sits at the curb, adding a curbside copper mailbox makes a great first impression on passersby. Curbside copper mailboxes come in a variety of styles, including antique copper, hammered copper, hand rubbed copper, lacquer coated copper or copper patina and can also come in a variety of sizes as well (small, medium or large). Since a copper mailbox is the type of exterior home accessory you will enjoy for a long time to come, it is usually best to purchase a large copper mailbox so that you have the space you need no matter what your postage needs over time. This ensures that you don’t “outgrow” your mailbox due to size, even though you are not ready to part with your beautiful and decorative mailbox.

Copper slot mailbox

For a truly old world look, copper slot mailboxes add charm and interest. Rather than opening on the end like a traditional mailbox, a copper slot mailbox includes a slot for postal workers to drop the mail in and then there is an opening on the back of the mailbox to retrieve any mail inside. These types of mailboxes maintain the security of your mail, since they cannot be opened by anyone walking by on the street.

Copper mailbox accessories

You can add a copper mailbox to the front wall of your home or along the front curb, and there are also a variety of accessories that you may also want to consider to increase the decorative aspect of your mailbox:

  • You can also order a copper mailbox post to match the mailbox, or it can be mounted on a typical wood or metal post.
  • You can add copper mailbox hooks or hanging brackets to hold newspapers, magazines, and larger mail.
  • You can also purchase copper mailbox post caps to add a decorative element to an existing mailbox post.
  • Just like other mailbox styles, you can also add inserts within copper mailboxes to make it easier to remove mail stored inside or can add a locking mechanism to protect your mail from others.

Copper mailbox finishes

Unusual copper mailboxThere are a variety of finishes to choose from when it comes to copper mailboxes. Choose from finishes such as:

  • hand rubbed copper
  • hand hammered copper
  • natural copper
  • solid copper
  • lacquered copper

or a variety of copper patinas, ranging in colors from browns to greens. Each type of copper mailbox finish adds its own unique design element and many can be customized to look just the way you want them.

There are many styles of copper mailboxes to choose from and finding the best copper mailbox to suit your home’s style should be a fairly easy task.

You can search for copper mailboxes online and will find a wide selection to choose from. By doing so, you will find stock copper mailboxes as well as custom copper mailboxes and can easily compare copper mailbox prices among various retailers. You can also find copper mailboxes in catalogs, antique stores, and upscale home design retailers. No matter what type of copper mailbox you choose, the addition of this long-lasting, durable, unique, and beautiful home accessory will add interest to your home’s exterior for years to come.

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