Corner TV Stand Buying Guide

What is the solution to a space problem when installing your new big screen TV? I bought a new flat screen TV and when I put it in place of the CRT (cathode ray tube – old style television) I was replacing, it blocked a door on either side. It was just too big for the old spot. Besides, getting a bigger house, there are some things you can do when you run into this problem. Rearranging the room comes to mind. When I had this issue, I found that I could use the corner of the room as a great solution.

One of the nice things about using the corner of your viewing room is that, besides the fact that corners are a notoriously poor use of space, the TV stands manufacturers have produced a number of choices to assist you in using this space for your entertainment center. A corner TV stand is a great answer to the space problem many of us have when installing a new television. This type of TV stand is fairly self explanatory as to what it is. They are usually shaped in a triangle fashion to fit correctly in the corner. Another benefit of a corner TV stand is that the triangle shape can offer more stability than traditional television stands.

There are styles for every taste and color palette. You can find a corner TV stand produced with a glass, wood, or steel infrastructure. The most common colors you will find are black, brown, white, or a variety of wood grain colors. This is nice because you will find with most of the traditional TV stands or Plasma TV stands your color choice is limited, many times to black or silver. Prices can range from the low 100 dollar range to the thousands. As with just about anything you can always find a way to spend as much as you want. A custom corner TV stand can be well over the 5000 dollar mark, depending on the maker.

One of the drawbacks to corner TV stands for flat screen TVs is that with the triangle design you can have less storage space than in traditional TV stands. So one of the key features to look for are designs with a good amount of storage space available for your media and miscellaneous TV accessories. You really want to have enough space for those video game consoles as well as your DVD collection.

Some manufacturers you might want to consider are Bush – the manufacturer of the Bush corner TV stand, Prepac, BDI and Stanley. These should give you a good place to start looking and also a good range of prices as you will find that Prepac has some less expensive choices and Stanley has more higher end choices with Bush and BDI running the gambit in all prices ranges.

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