Corner TV Stands Vs. Wall Mount TV Stands

There are special challenges to decorating in limited space environments. This can be especially challenging when you are trying to fit a large screen television or TV stand into a small space. There are several options available to you when you are stuck in a tight place such as this. The main two choices you will have for limited space environments, such as a studio apartment, will be the corner TV stand or the wall mount TV stand. Of course, this will all depend of the space available to you in your home, but in general these are the two best space saving choices for you.

So, how do we choose between the two entertainment system placeholders? Well, we’ll take a look at them both to see what the similarities are and how they might be applicable choices or poor choices for your specific situation. Let’s begin with the corner TV stand.

As we have discussed in previous posts, the corner TV stand is a great space saver because it takes advantage of a part of the home that is generally not used efficiently. This allows you to take greater advantage of the rest of your media or family room. Another nice point for this particular style of TV stands is the stability provided . The triangular TV stand design provides more stability than the more traditional television stands, which also makes them better as plasma TV stands or corner TV stands for flat screen TVs because they can support the heavier total weight these LCD and other flat screen TVs have attached to them.

It also provides some storage space for your audio-video accessories, however this is one of the drawbacks either of the space saving models. When getting a corner model, make sure you have the needed storage space or you will forever be fighting with those game consoles and DVD players you love so much. OK, on to the wall mount…

Hands down this is the best space saving option available today. It takes up virtually no more space than hanging a picture on the wall, a thick picture for sure but a picture none the less. It also has a very high cool factor, reminiscent of the splendor and grandeur of Las Vegas or the modern bar scene. As mentioned above, one of the glaring drawbacks to a wall mount system is lack of any storage space for accessories and media. You will need something separate to accommodate storage.

The other possible issue you could run into is weight. LCD and plasma televisions are generally heavier than other models, so you will need to make sure that your wall can support the weight of either of these units. If the location on your wall doesn’t have at least two studs to secure it to you may need to look into other options, such as display stands, but that discussion is for another time.

I wish you well on your decision making, and I hope this information assisted you some in the process.

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