Country Kitchen Curtains

Many people feel that country kitchen curtains add charm to the room you spend so much of your time in. They can bring home feelings of a simpler and more idyllic time, and they can show themselves to be cheerful and colorful. The themes that are associated with curtains of the country type are gingham and ruffles, or plaids and flowers, but country curtains can show off many other colors and styles as well.

The kitchen is the room of your home where one would most expect to find country curtains. The most commonly used form is called a window topper. This is a lot shorter than contemporary curtains, and only covers the top of the windows. This topper is held on a track or rod of its own, rather than on the same track as the curtain. In addition, window toppers are stationary – they won’t close or open. Some kitchens may show curtains that hang on both sides of the windows, in addition to having toppers.

Since the kitchen is probably the most frequented and inhabited part of your home, remodeling a kitchen is not always a task that is very demanding. Just making alterations in your curtains can make the room take on a different look. Small changes can give your kitchen a look that says it was renovated, whether you do any actual remodeling or not. If you do remodel, the curtains will play a dominant role, along with floors, countertops and appliances, in determining the feel of the room. Country kitchen curtains are simply a less expensive way to make changes, one that is probably well within your budget, even if a remodel is not.

Some homeowners prefer to sew their own kitchen draperies, and if you have this skill, it will make the room even more individually yours to do the curtains yourself. If it’s not an area that you excel in, though, leave the manufacture to the companies that do know how curtains are made, and trust that you can still find a style and country look that will work for your kitchen.

Kitchens are very hard to keep clean, since the room has so much traffic. You should clean the kitchen curtains on a regular basis. If you bought expensive country type curtains, make sure they are machine washable before you throw them in. Some curtains may need to be washed on the delicate cycle.

If you have stains on your kitchen drapes, you will need to tackle stain-fighting, too. Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice on the stained area, and then sprinkle the area with salt. Let the curtains dry in the sunlight outside, and then use a soft brush to help you remove the extra salt, after the stain has been sun-dried out. This is known as sun-bleaching or natural bleaching, and it’s effective for removing stains.

When you are shopping for kitchen curtains with a country feel, pay attention to the texture and the fabric, as you look. This is very important, since the fabric can tell you whether the materials used are quality ones or not. Country curtains go well with many kitchen styles, and they look especially good when they are pressed using starch, because it adds a new feel of crispness and homey style to your country kitchen curtains.

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