Create a Modern Bedroom with a Platform Frame

If you like creating room designs that are unique and modern you will like the design of the platform bed frame. This frame has its origins in the orient and is created in a basic square shape that keeps the lines of the piece very simple. The frame is created in a less ornate style than most classic frames and usually includes a headboard made of the same material as the base. Wood is a popular choice for this type of frame and can be found in several different shades ranging in color from light to dark.

Another style of platform frame that is often used in a contemporary designed bedroom is the leather frame. This item will have a wood base that is covered with a leather material. The covering will be on the bottom section as well as the headboard. The headboard will usually have an amount of padding placed between the wood and leather material to create more cushion as comfort for a person who may lean their head against it. All of the platform bases are available in sizes ranging from single to king and can also be found in bunk style beds.

The loft beds made as platform units will have the bottom bunk made with the floor style base. This design in frames will often have the base of the loft created as storage area by placing drawer sections into it. Some manufacturers will give you the option of whether you would like a plain base or one with one, two or three storage drawers in it. The drawers can help you keep your modern designed room looking neat and clean by hiding items that would be left out as clutter. When shopping for these frames you may find some styles available in groups that have matching dressers and end tables to complete the design of your whole room.

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