Create an Interesting Boundary with Post and Rail Fences

For people that own a large acreage of land, post and rail fencing can be a good way to create some boundaries on your land area. A split rail fence is the kind of fence you generally see used on ranches. It can be constructed from genuine wood materials or the new molded plastic type of PVC material. The post and rail fencing is good to use in areas that have a lot of space. This is because the posts are set a number of feet apart and the rails are then placed on then in a horizontal manner.

The design using real wood is very rustic in appearance and can also be used as the boundary fence around a cabin or rustic vacation home. This type of fence can actually be constructed from any kind of available timber, but is most commonly made of pine or cedar. The wood creates a heavy looking type of boundary that does not work well when completely surrounding a typical residential home. However, many people will use portions of this fencing to accent an area of their yard, such as a corner garden. The wooden styles may come as products treated to help preserve the life of the particular wood.

The various vinyl or plastic styles do not need to be treated because they will not rot, warp or crack due to weather changes. The vinyl rail fence is also available in assorted colors, including white. The molded material can be made to replicate the texture of real wood if you prefer that specific type of appearance. Because this fence comes in various colors it is better suited to use in a residential yard to enhance the overall landscape. All of the natural wood and vinyl styles can also be custom designed for your specific land boundary needs.

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