Creating a unique landscape from others ideas

If you are looking to create a unique landscape for your yard, you may not know where to begin. Sure, everyone knows a manicured lawn with a few well-placed flowers makes for a relatively attractive landscape, but how do you find ideas to make your landscape truly unique? You use others ideas, of course! It is possible to use a hodgepodge of great landscaping and garden design ideas to create a unique landscape for your own yard.


The first step in this process is to look at as many landscaping examples as you can find. You can take a trip around your neighborhood, look online, in magazines, books, and in catalogues. Look at each landscape and decide what you like. Make a list of all the features you think are beautiful, unique, or just fit your tastes. What type of water features do you like the best? Would you like to include a small pool, waterfall, or stream or would you prefer not to have a water feature at all? Do you like lights that will illuminate your landscaping at night? What types of statues and decorations do you find the most attractive?


You should also take note of what you do not like along with what you believe could be used to improve the landscaping and garden design examples that you review. This can be a great way to get good ideas in and of itself. If you think a certain example is beautiful but could benefit from a good sitting area, you know to add a sitting area to your project. If you think one design is great, but stone would go better with a certain plant than brick, make a note to pair stone with that plant in your design.


You may already have an idea of which plants you like, and you may not. Looking at others examples is a great way to get new plant ideas and see how your favorites look together. You may have envisioned your two favorite plants side by side, but come to find out that they dont look well together after examining another design. Decide which type of plants you prefer, flowering or leafy, tall or short, sun or shade, and use others ideas to get a feeling of how they work together.


You should also consider the maintenance level of your completed landscape and be sure you feel comfortable with it. You may pick five design elements you think will make the perfect landscape but find out that they require hours of time each week to maintain. Before you finalize your plans, make sure you know exactly how much work you are creating for yourself.


After you have picked your favorite landscaping and design elements, you can combine them all together to create a unique landscape. You may want to consider things you did not see in others ideas or that are not common. Designing with fragrance is gaining popularity but has not become mainstream. You may want to consider designing your landscaping with very fragrant plants to include your sense of smell in the appreciation of your landscaping. You can also add a living element to your landscaping by planting flowering bushes that attract butterflies.

The design possibilities are endless; just make sure that what you end up with is something that you can treasure.

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