Creating the Perfect Backyard Playground for Kids

Your kids should be able to play happily and safely in your backyard. As more and more kids are becoming focused on video games rather than physical play, we need to do what we can to encourage them to get outside. Making your backyard a fun place to be for your kids is easy if you follow a few simple tips. From securing your property with colorbond fencing solutions to making the right additions to encourage play, we’ve got a great range of tips for turning your backyard into your child’s favorite place to be:

Making your backyard secure

First and foremost, it’s important that your backyard is safe and secure. You don’t want people being able to access your property, or for your kids to wander off. Colorbond fencing is a great, secure solution to your fencing needs. It’s tough, durable and built to last. If you have a fence that you are happy with, it’s still a good idea to go around and check it to make sure it’s secure and safe.

The right play equipment for the right age

Depending on your child’s age, you may want to go with a number of options for outdoor play equipment. Choose equipment that can grow with your child. Take the time to research quality childrens equipment and ensure that it meets all safety standards. You also need to make sure that you buy weather proof equipment. If you invest in something that is well made, your child will be able to get years of enjoyment from it.

Play equipment is best kept on the grass. One good reason for this is that if little ones do happen to take a tumble, you don’t want to be patching up skinned knees. Grass is soft and it’s unlikely they’ll hurt themselves if they fall or trip.

Always supervise

This is especially important for very little children. Make sure that where the equipment is located, it is in clear view directly from the house. You should be able to see you kids at all times while they are playing.

Out of bounds

Teach your kids about the rules in the backyard. Rule one being that when they’re in the yard, they are not to go down the side of the house and out of site. By having a great set of play equipment for your children they will be less tempted to amuse themselves other ways.

Undercover area

Having a large patio with outdoors pavers and sufficient coverage from the sun and rain means that kids can get outside and enjoy playing sports, painting and other activities, even if it’s raining. This is a great location for a cubby house too if the area is big enough.

Creating the perfect backyard playground for your kids will not only keep them happy, but it will also help them to stay active and will promote fun outdoor play as opposed to video games played for hours indoors. I hope our tips have given you some inspiration for how you can go about creating the perfect outdoor playground for your kids.

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