Creative ideas for seasonal candle decorations

It’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular choices for gift-giving—the appeal of candles is a universal one. No matter what your age, race, gender, or occupation, chances are you’ve enjoyed the fragrant delights of a high-quality scented candle. In addition to filling every corner of the room with a long-lasting aromatic bouquet, the right candle can offer a bevy of extra benefits—helping you unwind after a stressful day, enhancing your mood, sharpening your concentration levels, and creating a romantic ambiance.

What’s more, scented candles can double as highly versatile home accents. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors, they adapt to a variety of decorating styles. For crafty types, decorative candles provide a great way to express your personal style and creativity in designing your own custom centerpieces and arrangements. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 16 of our favorite seasonal display ideas. There are 4 ideas for each season:

Spring Candle Décor Ideas

Welcome Peter Cottontail with an incredibly simple Easter display. Fill a glass bowl with water and add floating tealight candles in various pastel shades, then sprinkle in some petals from your favorite spring bouquet.

Create your own inexpensive, organic candleholders using colorful produce (apples and oranges work best). Use a fruit corer to create a 2” hole down the middle of each piece of fruit, and then insert pastel-hued taper candles in the top. Place your creations on fire-safe plates for display as table centerpieces or mantel accents. Enhance the nature-inspired theme by sprinkling spring flower petals around the base of the candle. The fragrance of the fruit will intermingle with the scent of your candles to create an eclectic aromatic bouquet.

Put a new twist on a holiday tradition by creating a glowing Easter basket centerpiece. Line a basket with faux Easter grass, add some plastic eggs and flowers, and surround it with pastel-hued scented pillar candles in glass holders.

For a simple spring centerpiece, place a colorful Easter bouquet on your tabletop, nestle two candleholders in the middle, and place elegant taper candles inside. Choose light, floral scents that will complement the flowers, not overpower them.

Summer Candle Décor Ideas

In warmer months, take the ambiance of candles outdoors to enhance open-air gatherings. Stock up on some brightly colored, scented jar candles and place them inside all-weather lanterns, then display the glowing lanterns on the corners of your deck railing, on your outdoor furniture tabletops, or suspended from hooks on your veranda roof. Hanging tealight holders achieve the same effect.

Create a festive poolside atmosphere by staking standing candleholders around the water, and then add your favorite scented candles.

Add a flickering radiance to your outdoor furnishings with an umbrella votive holder filled with summery scented votive candles.

Inside, take advantage of your dormant fireplace to create a unique decorating focal point. Clear it out completely and add grand-scale pillar candles in summer-bright colors and scents, accented with vibrant flowers.

Fall Candle Décor Ideas

Use the rich hues of autumn scented candles to create a harvest centerpiece—simply arrange some spicy orange scented pillar candles with brightly colored gourds and white pumpkins.

For Halloween, use scented votive candles to provide flickering illumination for jack-o-lanterns, or place a yellow or orange pillar candle in a glass bowl filled with candy corn.

Fashion a dramatic Thanksgiving centerpiece by arranging yellow and orange pillar candles in varying heights on a fire-safe tray, and then intersperse autumn greenery around and between the candles. Add a few pine cones and twigs for a nature-inspired look. (Note: Be sure to keep greenery from coming into contact with the candle flames.)

Create a unique pumpkin centerpiece by hollowing out the middle and inserting a coordinating pillar candle in the top. Tuck in some pretty fall sprays to surround the candle.

Winter Candle Décor Ideas

Surround a creamy white pillar candle with greenery for a fresh centerpiece, or combine a red or green pillar candle with faux berry vines. Add a festive touch by typing bright Christmas ribbons around the candles.

Along a mantel, pepper clouds of white cotton with deep blue votive candles to evoke the pristine purity of a fresh snowfall against a clear winter sky.

Place a white taper candle in a tall glass sconce hung ‘round with candy canes.
Create a striking table centerpiece by placing several red and green tea light candles on a tray adorned with sprigs of holly and peppermint.

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