Crystal Candelabras

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room. It can be bright and harsh, or it can be soft and welcoming, with lots of room for variety in-between. As with any other aspect of a room, or event, the lighting tells you a lot about the person who lives there, or is giving the party or affair. Detail to the lighting available sets the tone for all that goes on.

When going for a more formal, but inviting, style of lighting, crystal candelabras can fit any taste out there. Even Liberace knew that his choice of lighting during his performances said who he was, and gave a good look into his style. While he went with the very loud and formal candelabras, there are also very elegant, understated, and soft styles out there as well.

The choice is pretty much only limited by your imagination. Certain crystal candelabras use only candles or electric lights as the source of illumination, while others incorporate flowers (real or artificial) and other added decoration to lend to the style. All most all of them have some type of hanging crystals to reflect the light, but there are some that only have the crystal stick with nothing else to adorn them.

The candelabras also come in black, and can add a unique touch to any space or event. A black crystal candelabra can come in various styles. The two most common ones are a black wrought iron stand with the black crystals dangling from the metal arms or an all crystal candelabra made entirely of black as opposed to the white or clear crystals. These were influenced by the French and other European countries, and lend a very sophisticated and elegant air to any room.

No matter which you chose, you do not have to commit to it right away. There are many stores and online vendors who are willing to rent them out as opposed to selling them. This would be a good way to “try it before you buy it”, then if you really want to keep it, most will give you a discount when you purchase it. If it is not what you were looking for then you can return it at the end of the rental period with no problems.

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