Curtain Tiebacks

Curtain tie backs can be as decorative as they are functional. There are many designs from which to choose, and finding one that goes well with your decor should not be hard, unless there are so many you like that you have a hard time choosing. The main purpose of tie backs is to increase the amount of sunlight coming into a room, by giving you a place to pull your curtain panels back.

Glass tie backs are an elegant and simple way to add style to a room, and they will give you an opportunity to bring unique colors, patterns and designs into the theme of your room. Glass tie backs with pressed patterns were popular in the mid-1800′s, and were used to brighten up homes weary from war. Now you can find various designs and tinted glass, to add welcome detail to the plain designs of windows and drapes. Tie backs may have been used more frequently in earlier years, but they are still a good choice today, because they have decorative and functional purposes.

Drapery tie backs are very useful, for holding curtains back and away from your windows to let light in, and also to tie in common decorating themes from the room to the windows. Glass tie backs are a unique touch, when you also have used other glass hardware in the room, such as door knobs or lighting fixtures. The glass can be purchased in many different colors, sizes and designs, in order to accommodate any needs you have with individual windows. If your drapes are heavy, you will want to use larger curtain tie backs, so that the extra weight will be accommodated for. Lighter types of curtains like sheers can be pulled back and held by smaller and lighter weight tie backs.

Crystal and glass tie backs are still manufactured today, and many of them show off the same kinds of pressed designs that they wore in the 1800′s. Tie backs can be an effective final decorative touch to a room that is already well-accessorized. A tie back can completely change the look of a window, to make even boring treatments more beautiful.

Larger drapery panels will need heavier tie backs appropriate for that extra weight. You can also use glass lighting fixtures and door knobs to replace worn and older sets, to update the look of the room. Using these along with glass tie backs will create continuity in your design. Check with an interior designer for input or browse home decorating magazines for fresh ideas.

You can find various tie backs in many home improvement stores, as well as in decorating store catalogs and stores online. You can compare the look and cost of many different kinds of tie backs online, to save you time spent going from store to store locally. Be sure to purchase curtain tie backs that will both hold your drapes effectively, and add style to your room, at the same time.

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