Cymbidium – description and care


There is no orchid as strong as Cymbidium. The genus originates from Asia, especially Himalaya mountains. Some species with small flowers have their habitat up to Japan. Other species that require higher temperatures come from places around the equator. All together there are some 70 species.

In the beginning, the nurseries neglected Cymbidium, because the first hybrids did not give that nice flowers. It was until 1925 when the Alexanderi “Westonbirt”, became available, which is the basis for nowadays grown Cymbidiums.
Currently there are over 8000 hybrids grown. And in the Netherlands, this is the most popular orchid, both for cutflowers and for container plants.


It is often said that Cymbidium should be grown in the cold glasshouse. This is not true. Though they can stand temperatures as low as 6 oC, they prefer temperatures not below 17 oC, especially in the growing season.

Cymbidiums love lots of fresh air and light. However, beware of them getting burned by the sun. One should supply some shadow. During summertime, when the plants may get outside, they need a lot of water and fertilize them once a week. Flowering will be stimulated by lower night temperatures.

It is important to give the plants a good place after flowering and much light.

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