Cymbidium Orchid Anne’s Balls

Its autumn in our part of the world and it means that beautiful cymbidium orchids starting sending out flower spikes.

More than other orchid genus, Cymbidiums has been subjected to an intensive selection and breeding which resulted in the production and registration of thousands of hybrids. Valued for their ease of culture and prolific production of large, colourful flowers, these orchids are the basis of cut flower industries in many countries.

My cymbidium in the picture just started flowering and its called “Anne’s Balls and its parentage Bridal Bouquet x Earlisue. It’s an intermediate cymbidium with full shape flowers. The flowering spikes are upright and carry up to eight beautiful white color dark pink spotted labellum flowers. My plant is a few years old and many more spikes developing now which will give me quite a display this season.

These orchids are easy to grow for a novice as well as experienced gardener even though many volumes are written about their cultivation. They need free draining potting mixtures, they like plenty of water during growing seasons and to be drier prior to production of flower spikes, they happy to be in bright light during autumn and winter and in a bit of shade during warmer months and they like air circulation around them. With the exception of a few australian species, majority of them originating and distributed from mountains of Northern India to China and they are quite happy growing as a cool growers.

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