Cymbidium Orchids (Boat Orchids)

Thanks to their large flowers of around five or more inches and blooms, which can last from anywhere between five and seven weeks, Cymbidium Orchids (Boat Orchids) are very popular. Used in corsages in weddings and coming in a huge variety of vibrant colours including reds, purples, whites, yellows and a great deal more it’s not hard to see why.

Cymbidium Orchids have been around for a long time in fact the first mention of this beautiful Orchid was way back in 265 AD during the Chin Dynasty in China.

The Cymbidium Royale is able to stand very cold temperatures and even the occasional small amount of frost making them ideal for growing outside. Although if temperatures do drop to freezing it is best to bring them inside. With blooms slightly smaller than other Cymbidiums and being extremely hardy the Cymbidium Royale is a fine Orchid for any Orchid growers collection.

Growing mainly between March and September your Cymbidium will require a decent amount of water, which you can then reduce when your Orchid is not in its growth period. You should be using a fertilizer throughout the year for Cymbidiums and an additional supplemental fertilizer during these growing months.

Flowering from February until May Cymbidium Orchids do enjoy the cooler conditions. In the heat of the summer it can be a good idea to water them with ice cold water after sunset through the hottest months.

Do not be too eager to re-pot your Cymbidium as it is advantageous to leave your Orchid pot-bound. Wait until the psueodpods get pushed to the sides of your pot only then should you consider re-potting your Cymbidium.

Cymbidium Orchids will require a good amount of light to grow properly and as such shady corners or places that don’t get a lot of light should be avoided.

The great thing about Cymbidium Orchids is that although they do require a small amount of effort they are particularly hardy compared to other Orchids so you can’t really go wrong. Once you have put some effort in to caring for these wonderful and beautiful Orchids you will be rewarded with some of the largest, most vibrant and long lasting flowers found in the world of Orchids.

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