Dandelion flower

The dandelion once thought of as weed that needed to eradicated has recently found new popularity has a herb. The dandelions popularity for medicinal purposes is not new, it has actually been used that way for centuries, however it fell out of favour for a number of years and is just starting to enjoy it’s new found popularity.

The first use of dandelions for medicinal purposes in the west was to fight scurvy they are very high in vitamin C. The Chinese have used it for centuries because it is a diuretic and helps to clean toxins out of the body. It also has the advantage of being high in potassium so that unlike most other diuretics it does not result in a potassium deficiency. There are a variety of other health claims for dandelions, such as they help with digestion, or makes your skin look healthier. It has also been claimed that dandelions can help to clean your liver and your urinary tract. Most of these claims are anecdotal and have not actually been tested.

The most common way to consume dandelions is to eat them as part of a salad, like any other vegetable they are full of nutrients and certainly have nutritional value. It is also common to consume them by turning them into a tea or a wine or even a soft drink. Dandelions are generally considered to be safe for human consumption but some people may have allergies to them, if you do have a bad reaction to dandelions consult your doctor.

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