Deciding Between Custom Walk in Showers and Prefab Enclosures

Custom walk in showers require space good drainage and lots of natural building materials, like stone, ceramic tile, teak wood and glass. This makes them more expensive than other styles, partly due to the materials and partly due to the engineering for good drainage and planning of a space that will be wet but not a swimming pool. On the other hand walk in shower enclosures are prefabricated and come all as one unit that just requires installing. This can be done in a small space with very little planning or design work and no engineering, just a little plumbing.

Open Spacious and Comfortable for Children and the Elderly

The benefits of designing your own custom walk in showers are many, even though it’s more expensive and more work to create and decide upon features, you can have a spa of your own, a space that will be open and beautiful and where even children and the elderly can shower without worry of tripping over steps or dripping a little water on the floor.

The downside to a walkin shower is that it is not a small undertaking although once completed, if well designed, has very few drawbacks.

The Downside of Walk In Shower Enclosures

The downsides to walk in shower enclosures are many. They are not well suited to classic or rustic style homes because they modular units that use a lot of plastic and panels. They do maintain the room dry because they are enclosed, but they tend to be small and claustrophobic spaces that don’t allow free movement. They are also difficult to enter if they have a step up and then don in, and for elderly or children this may be dangerous.

Perhaps the two most opposite styles of bathrooms that exist are the enclosures that are prefabricated the highly customized walk in wet room showers. If you have the space and the budget go with a wet room, if you have a small apartment and need a quick shower alternative that’s all inclusive, then go with a prefab shower enclosure.

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