Deciding on the Dimensions of Your New Bathroom Vanity

It is important for you to take into consideration the vacant areas of your home if you want to do a redesign or renovation to your house. Specifically, if you are renovating a bathroom, you definitely want to take meticulous measurements of since this will affect the decision on all of the different accouterments you will be purchasing, including your bathroom vanity. For most spaces, utilizing a twenty four inch bathroom vanity will allow the optimal use of limited bathroom space in terms of convenience in using the sink as well as the small space to be used for storage even if it is not customized for your use.

Even if a twenty four inch bathroom vanity is normally designed as a functional box with the sink and cabinet, with limited storage space, mounted on it, it can be assembled in a number of ways due to its adaptable design. Normally additional wall fixtures can be mounted to enhance the functionality of the twenty four inch bathroom vanity since it customarily does not have a mirror or even a medicine cabinet installed.

Normally the dimensions of bathroom vanities increase in multiples of six inches basing on the criteria set by the industry, so it would be typical to have thirty, thirty-six, forty-two, forty-eight, fifty-four, sixty, sixty-six and seventy-two inch bathroom vanities. You can have two sinks mounted together with a bathroom vanity that has a dimension of at least forty eight inches even though most two-sink designs utilize the sixty and seventy-two inch bathroom vanities. Two-sink designs for seventy-eight and eighty-four inch bathroom vanities are available upon order since they are not quite popular owing to their huge dimensions.

The design of the storage area of the bathroom vanity can also be personalized. Aside from deciding on having either a one-door or two-door design for the cabinet, it is also possible for you to set up shelves inside the cabinet of the bathroom vanity. It is however advisable to have a one or two-inch clearance from the bathroom floor if you decide on installing shelves inside the storage area particularly shelves made of wood which are placed under the sink to protect it against possible water damage.

A corner bathroom vanity cabinet may be advisable for you if the existing space inside the bathroom is too small even for a twenty-four inch vanity. You may also be advised to forego with a cabinet and settle for a stand or a sink installed directly into the wall if the space very limited.

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