Decorate Your Child’s Room With Colorful Curtains

When it comes to buying items for children there are many fun and interesting products to choose from. Children respond to bright colors and animated images so the furniture, clothing and other products created especially for them incorporate these things into the designs. This can be seen in the huge selection of bedding and accessory items created for use in a kid’s bedroom. The younger the child the more character images available to choose from for these items. When browsing through the various bedding products you will find that many sets are created as collections that include children’s curtains as well.

The basic style available for curtains used in kid’s rooms is the traditional sixty-four inch length. Most of the ready made items come as rod pocket styles that slip onto the rod in a matter of minutes. The classic panel design has a straight edged bottom and can be pulled back with a tie to allow light into the room. The classic panel design is often used in boy’s rooms and can come with images of sailboats, sports gear, dinosaurs or race cars printed onto a colored background. Some of the more popular colors for these backgrounds include red, blue and green.

The panel curtains for girl’s are also available with printed images. These will be pictures of flowers, butterflies, rainbows or hearts. The background colors often used with these products include pink, yellow, white and lilac. Some of the same prints are available in styles designed for teenage girls and will use richer more vibrant backgrounds to accentuate the colorful images. Among all of the image sets for girls and boys will be some created with famous storybook and cartoon characters including those available in the Disney and Looney Tunes lines of products.

You can also use solid colored drapes or curtains in a child’s bedroom. The boys will usually be the darker and neutral shades of brown, green and blue while girls enjoy the lighter pastel colors of peach, lavender and sky blue. Some other color schemes found for childrens curtains include plaids and stripes. Plaids are often used in creating window treatments for boys while colorful stripes work for both boys and girls. In addition to the color variations curtains made with rounded corners and ruffled edges are used in girl’s rooms as well. The most popular style for this is the Priscilla, which has a very feminine look to it.

In addition to the basic panels used to cover the window area you can also find matching toppers and valances. These help create a professional look for the window and can be paired with matching or contrasting panels. Using a decorative pink valance with images of winged fairies enhances a window covered with a white lace or semi-sheer panel. The valances can also be paired with shades or blinds to create a decorative window area. Whatever age your child is you are sure to find a wide assortment of colorful and fun items you can use in decorating their room.

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