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Our patio is an important area in our garden because we like to spend a lot of time on it when the weather is nice and hot. Because we site outside quite a lot of time, we like to decorate it so we enjoy it even more. When it comes to outdoor lighting lamps to install on your patio your options are endless. Some options to consider are: string lights, outdoor lanterns, torches and spotlights. Off course there are many other options to consider but these options are the ones that will increase the appearance of your patio the most.

String lights are a very versatile type of lighting which you can use in many ways. First you have to consider if you want solar string lights, voltage string lights or string lights that run on batteries. The latter are also called fairy lights and mostly used with Christmas. Each option has it’s advantage but solar string lights are properly the the ones that are most easy to use. You don’t have to wire anything, all you have to do is face them to the sun. Voltage string lights are mostly used when you want to use a lot of string lights like for a party but otherwise the power requirement is a con on installing them on your patio or garden.

Tiki Torches

Outdoor lanterns are also a very nice type of lighting to use on your garden because they spread the light in a very beautiful and unique way. Moroccan lanterns are the cherry on the pie when it comes to outdoor lanterns. There astonishing designs will surely have a huge impact on the decoration of you patio. Lanterns come in many styles and you can choose to hang them on your ceiling,wall or place them on your table or on the ground. You can either use candles or bulbs as a lighting option dependable on the amount of light you want.

Torches are also a very popular decorating lighting type to use on your patio because torches always add a little bit of romance to the spot. Fire has always been important to mankind and we like to sit next to campfires to enjoy the heat and spectacle. We can’t have campfires in our garden but some Tiki torches are a great substitute.

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