Decorating Inspired by Nature

For many years, modern decorating was accompanied by the misconception that it created wide open, cold, or industrial-type spaces that were difficult to feel comfortable in. This misconception has been overcome, with modern decorating now focusing on comfortable transitions between living areas, balancing neutral colors inspired by nature, and inviting textures.

Nature can be a positive creative force when choosing how to decorate your home. Nature is timeless and blends well with most types of decor, whether modern or traditional. Some of the most powerful color combinations are taken directly from the outdoors, such as the chocolate brown of tree trunks and the fresh green of new grass or leaves in the spring. As one walks along the ground, their feet may travel through soft grass or sand, or on small pebbles, or along thin, rocky surfaces.

One way to bring the gifts of nature indoors to inspire your own decorating is by the use of neutral floor colors. The main flooring choice is important as it creates a foundation for the rest of the room. Using slate flooring in a neutral color creates a calming, cool feeling to the space and is especially beautiful in living room areas. To balance out the coolness, use a soft brown area rug under the couch and coffee table. Rugs in neutral shades of green or gray also bring in colors from nature. Red, orange, yellow, and blue are fabulous accent colors which can create interest in the neutral space without overwhelming it. Using brightly-colored throw pillows is an inexpensive way to perk up the room.

Texture is another important part of nature and should flow into indoor living spaces. Our senses are stimulated by changes in texture and colors around us, or they become easily bored and lethargic without those changes. Using a variety of textures for the flooring, rugs, furniture fabrics, pillows, walls and ceilings, and artwork will help bring a sense of balance and well-being to your home and to those who spend time there.

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