Designer’s Advice on Color Schemes for Bedding Ensembles

designer bedding ensemblesIf you are looking for a brand new color scheme for your bedroom and you don’t know where start then there’s one easy place to begin which will help you no end – bedding ensembles.

Let me explain. All will become clear soon I promise. With the huge range of bedding ensembles on offer you are bound to find one which appeals.

They are available at all price levels and in all styles and color-ways, with different patterns and themes.

  • Look for a bedding collection you like which has several colors in the design – ones which you feel go well together.
  • Make sure that you like the style of the bedding you picked as this will form the center-piece to your room and that it is within your budget. You want to make sure at the very least that you are able to buy the major items in the pattern you picked.
  • Now here’s the thing. This design can form the basis for a whole color palette for your room – they have already been thought through for you by experienced and talented designers. They work well together and you like them.

But how do you translate the color scheme from a bedding ensemble to a room?

  1. First of all pick three or four colors you like from the design you selected – one light, one or two medium tones and a dark (or bright) tone.
  2. Make a note of your colors for when you go shopping.
  3. If you don’t already have the bedding ensemble of your choice, get some paint charts and clip the colors from the charts which closely match the design so that you have an easy way to remember when out shopping and selecting items.

If you do own the bedding you can always take around a small part of the ensemble (such as a patterned pillow sham) when shopping but the colors from the paint charts help here too in case you see something when you started out without any intention of shopping! Just keep them in your purse until your room is complete!

So how do you use these colors?

king bedding ensembles

* Use the light color to select the right shade for the largest area of your room and that is generally the walls. This will typically be a white or off-white cream magnolia shade but it may also be a slightly darker color such as beige, pale grey or a light pastel shade.

* The medium colors can be used for soft furnishings other than the bed – such as the carpet or rug, curtains, a tablecloth covering a bedside table or an easy chair or sofa. Make sure you don’t have all these items matching – that would be overpowering. That’s when two medium colors which go together come in handy for some variation.

* The darkest color is great for accent touches – little accessories which brighten a room and take away any blandness. You can have fun selecting these.

* So from looking at a few bedding ensembles you can get your whole room scheme sorted out as well as your sheets, comforter, pillow shams and bed skirt chosen! For inspiration and to get started, take a look at some bedding ensembles in catalogs, at a bedding super store or online to get some ideas of your favorite color schemes.

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