Designing and Decorating with Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles have been steadily gaining popularity for use as the primary materials in the designing of flooring, countertops and backsplashes, bathrooms, exterior flooring and walls. It’s varying colors and textures make it a highly sought after material for many projects in homes, hotels and corporate environments as well. It’s durability is unsurpassed and that’s why it has been a highly valued material for thousands of years.

Travertine tiles have been quarried throughout history and is best explained as a mixture of limestone and marble. The finish of these tiles varies and can be created to fit most any decorating tastes and needs. The honed travertine tile is a smooth one with a matte finish while the polished type is shiny and smooth, representing a marble like look. Travertine tiles can also be finished in what looks more like their natural state which is referred to as brushed or tumbled. The brushed or tumbled type features variations in texture and can often have pitted holes throughout the stone.

When it comes to color, travertine tiles range greatly from ivory to a red-brown and sometimes can also be found in gold tones. It can be utilized in every area of the home from the kitchen to the bathroom and it’s also excellent for use outdoors on patios, walkways and on walls. It’s easily cut in comparison to granite or marble which is part of what makes it so much less difficult to install.

Keeping travertine tiles looking their best requires a little more maintenance than granite. Extended puddles of liquid can stain the surface and therefore, spills should be rapidly cleaned up. Some acidic cleaning products can erode the surface as well. This makes even ordinary orange juice spills a possible issue if it’s not wiped up properly.

The high polished finish of travertine tiles are more durable and resistant than the brushed or tumbled styles. Add a sealant to the surface if it will be in regular contact with water such as a countertop or bathroom wall or floor. Travertine tiles may take a bit more effort on the homeowner’s part but at the same time, the effort and investment are worth it to have the beauty and elegance of this special stone.

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