Different Materials Used in Creating Attractive Wicker Garden Furniture

Wicker garden furniture is one of the top selling outdoor furniture in the market today. This is probably due to the fact that wicker are ideal in outdoor environments. In addition to that, these furniture sets are also very attractive and are unique in their own way. As more and more homeowners are becoming interested in transforming their outdoor garden into a relaxing sanctuary, the demand for garden wicker furniture continues to rise.

There are a number of materials used in producing authentic outdoor wicker furniture. A common misconception is that wicker is the material used in manufacturing lovely garden furniture sets. But the truth is, wicker is the type of weaving method used to make the furniture and not the material itself. Wicker furniture can be made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from natural to synthetics. Some of the popular types of materials used in producing stylish garden wicker furniture sets are as follows:

• Reed – This natural raw material can be harvested from rattan palms. It is an adaptable material that is typically used in creating varying dimension of weaves, spokes, and embellishments. Wicker furniture made from reed is very versatile. This is because reed can be stained, painted, and polished in various ways to give it the look and feel that the user wants to achieve. However, be sure not to strain it too much as reed can be easily bent, snapped, and damaged.

• Rattan – This is the most common material used in creating outdoor plastic wicker furniture. Rattan is a popular raw material used for creating wicker sets mainly because of its durability and solid foundation. Rattan wicker furniture sets will not easily break, bend, flex, splinter or crack in any given circumstance. Its unmatched resiliency is certainly a great characteristic that furniture makers are looking for when producing high-quality and long-lasting garden wicker furniture.

• Bamboo – Since bamboo resemble much like the rattan, some people are having a hard time differentiating the difference between the two. Bamboo has distinctive black ridges and a hollow middle, while rattan has a consistent exterior and a resilient central core. The core of the bamboo is not as sturdy as compared to the core of a rattan. Moreover, wicker furniture made from bamboo tends to break more easily. This is basically why bamboo is seldom used in creating wicker garden furniture.

When properly maintained and cared for, garden wicker furniture sets, regardless of the materials used to construct them, will be capable of offering you with years of quality service.

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