Different Types of Dual Shower Heads

There are many different types of furnishings that can accent the style of a home. When looking at the style for the bathroom in a house, the shower is a particular area that can add a lot to a bathroom in terms of decor. This is because the shower can have curved glass that runs across it and plays with the light of the room, it can have unique handle designs, and fascinating shower spouts. Dual shower heads are growing in popularity as they are often more soothing, powerful, and have more spray combinations than other heads.

Some double shower heads have complex designs, while others remain simple. A good example of a well-done simple design is the Double Head Chrome Shower Connector that is a popular shower spout that is currently on the market. It has a “T” shape design, meaning that it comes off the wall from one pipe and branches into two from which the two heads extend. It is a smooth design, that maintains a simple structure with no extra curves or anything to add to more of the style. This unit seems to boast performance more than looks as it has three different settings, and nine spray combinations. It has the options of full-on body spray, a pulsating spray for massage purposes, and a combination of both.

Another simple shower head that maintains a sleek style is the Freehander Dual Head Shower System. It is a system that is used in Hotel Historic in Spain—a four star hotel. It is a great system because it can work as an overhead spray or a body spray. It works with two heads, one above the other, in a column that can be turned up or down. When turned up the spray comes out the bottom, and when turned down it comes out the top.

An example of a dual shower head that specializes in adding a special look to one’s shower is the Hansgrohe’s dual high pressure shower heads. This unit will give you the look of a modern spa, and give you the feel of it too. Each shower head is a thin rectangle that runs parallel with the ceiling, and the water comes out of them in three different settings. The small but numerous holes in the shape of a circle give a soothing calm shower, as if it was actually raining. The three groups under that give a soothing stream of massage. And perhaps the most memorable feature of this spout is the long slit opening at the bottom of each; this offers a powerful stream that is actually like a waterfall.

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