Disadvantages Of Outdoor Pendant Lighting

Outdoor pendant lighting is becoming extremely popular these days. Since the concept of outdoor lighting was not that popular in the past, pendant lights were not popular either. However, the trend of building patios or decks in the backyard, as well as huge gardens, has now made outdoor lighting and pendants extremely popular.

The practice of lighting the exterior of a house using pendants have been realized by people only recently due to a number of advantages related to this lighting style. However, there are certain disadvantages to using outdoor pendants, too. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages properly will help you in making a choice whether you would like to install outdoor pendants or not. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages will help you to make a perfect choice. Some of the major disadvantages of outdoor pendant lights are mentioned below.

The main disadvantage of outdoor pendants is the fact that they consume a lot of energy. The heavy energy consumption of these lights will result in a waste of energy. According to studies, a lot of energy is wasted through the usage of these lights. Even though there are certain energy efficient models available in the market, most people prefer buying the normal pendants because of the high initial cost involved.

Another disadvantage is that there are models made up of materials like glass and light metals that will easily get damaged. Even though they are of great demand in the market because of their looks, these outside lighting styles can easily get damaged, and thus the money spent on them will go down the drain. As numerous varieties of outdoor pendants are introduced into the market each day, the pendants that were once purchased may not be available after few months. This makes it extremely difficult for the people who have chosen delicate models made up of mild metals or glass to find replacement parts if needed.

The innovative technologies used in the latest models of outdoor pendants also make it more difficult for the consumer to understand, install and repair pendants. Varieties like the lighting systems with motion sensors and dimmer switches come under this category. These models can only be installed with the help of experts as they are complex systems. Even though pendants are endorsed as easy to install lighting solutions, the high-end models cannot be installed by a regular person and the installation cost may be very high.

In short, there are certainly many advantages to outdoor pendant lighting, but be aware of the disadvantages of them as well to make sure they are the right outside lighting choice for you.

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