DIY Tips and Tile And Grout Cleaners For Backyard Patios

There are various tile and grout cleaners available in the market that make the chore of cleaning those tiled areas on your outdoor patio much more bearable. What people mostly overlook is that, with proper care and regular maintenance, cleaning tiles and grout is not time consuming task. Although there are various types of cleaners available in the market, many people now prefer using organic tile and grout cleaner. They are perfect for regular usage since they are not only economical (all the ingredients are available in the kitchen) but also safer to use and friendly to the environment. Grout steam cleaner are also being preferred over liquid cleaners as they do not require much effort since most of the grime is broken by the steam particles.

Whether you are using a liquid tile and grout cleaner or a grout steam cleaner there are just some things that you need to take care of to make sure your efforts pay off.

1. Decide what kind of a cleaner is best required for the task at hand i.e. “organic or chemical?”, “steamed or liquid?”, “light or strong?”. For regular usage, it is preferred that light cleaners are used which will not de-color the grout and tiles.

2. Protective clothing is a must while dealing with any kind of cleaner. It includes:

safety goggles to protect your eyes from harsh chemicals
face mask to protect you from inhaling harmful fumes
hand gloves to protect the hands
knee pads to protect knees from coming in contact with the liquid.

3. The area should ALWAYS be well ventilated and airy. Since most cleaners have very strong chemicals, which could potentially be harmful if inhaled in huge quantity, it is always better to have the windows open to prevent suffocation.

Properly clean away the cleaner with warm cloth and water to remove any residual harmful liquid.

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