Do it yourself solar hot water heater

If you’re looking at some excitement and usability project, a DIY solar water heater is definitely one you should target. Solar water heater projects can prove to be pretty simple and with the right guidance you should be able to complete it without difficulty. Think about it, you can not only save costs on electricity but you will also be able to develop a convenient way of getting hot water for life. Even if you are not so worried about costs and don’t think the added convenience of a solar water heater is worth that much, wouldn’t completing a diy solar water heater project be very satisfying? Think about it, its an exciting journey and a real show off project that you can display to your friends and family with pride. A great time saver, a great cost saver and a wonderful achievement too.

How much money can you save?

That depends on factors like on the amount of water you use apart from factors like your location and angle of the roof. As for me, I have a 4 collector unit and a storage tank of four 50 gallon druns and I probably save around $600-$700 a year. Its not just about the savings for me, its about the satisfaction of building something like this on my own.

The Theory Behind All DIY Solar Water Heater Projects

The suns energy is immense, but as it traverses over 90 million miles all the energy that reaches the earth is in the form of light or rather ultraviolet light, mind you this can still power the whole world if utilized properly.

Greenhouse effect within Solar water heater?

Heat is given out when low frequency infrared rays are generated from high frequency light.Ultraviolet light can pass through glass but they give out infrared rays when they strike a dark surface. The glass in a solar water heater traps these waves and this is what is called greenhouse effect. Once that happens the molecules start to vibrate and the faster the vibration the hotter it gets. This is how light is converted to heat.

Will the light molecules not cause poisoning?

Good question. Its not advisable to consume water thats the excited by UV light, which is why any good diy solar panel project makes use of collector fluid to produce heat instead of the actual drinking water. Only heat due to molecule movement is transferred to the drinking water which is kept separate.

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