Dome security cameras – when and where to use them

Today, the dome camera is one of the latest and most popular surveillance cameras available in the market. A dome security camera is named so as it is housed inside a dome like structure. This dome like unit is made up of a sturdy polymer material such as polycarbonates. The polymer unit that covers the dome camera is so sturdy that it is very difficult to break it and hence this unit protects the camera from any external damage.

There are three types of dome cameras:

Fixed dome cameras or Mini dome cameras:

In case of mini dome cameras, dome covering is permanently fixed with the camera and can not be detached. Mini dome camera comes in various sizes and colors, which makes it suitable for all environments. A mini dome camera can be mounted in fancy lights or showy items like chandler.

Fully functional dome cameras or speed dome cameras:

Fully functional cameras are also called PTZ dome cameras, as they have pan, tilt and zoom feature. Pan or tilt feature allows the camera to move inside the dome. There are different variations of fully functional cameras, which provide different angles of tilt or pan. Also there are cameras with varying degree of zoom and resolution.

Infrared dome cameras:

This is a variation of fully functional dome camera. Infrared dome camera is equipped with infrared lens, which is helpful in taking pictures in dark conditions.

Dome cameras can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Dome surveillance cameras are popular because of many reasons.

Few of the reasons are:

  • Flexibility – dome cameras can shoot from various positions
  • Easy installation and can be mounted anywhere
  • Vandal-resistance
  • Weatherproof
  • Dome cameras come in different colors and it makes them suitable for all locations.

Dome cameras are always there in dome unit and it is difficult to figure out which way the camera is focusing. It gives a look that camera is always pointing towards the other side and hence a person with wrong intentions may not come to know about the camera facing.

But with all these above mentioned features, dome camera has some limitations also.

The limitations are:

  1. In case of mini dome cameras, camera is permanently fixed with the dome unit. And it is not possible to change the camera lens, due to lack of space between the camera and the dome.
  2. Sometimes the images captured by dome camera come darkened. This happens because the camera is housed in the dome unit.
  3. Dome cameras with advance features like pan, tilt, and zoom are quite costly. And it may be difficult to afford an expensive camera for many people.

Deciding which camera one should buy can be difficult at times, as there are so many choices available in the market. If you need sharp images then you should go for a high resolution dome camera. For capturing movements, a dome camera with pan and tilt option will work fine.

Note: It is very important to understand the features and limitations of the camera to buy a camera that suits your needs. Checking your requirements like lighting conditions, camera location etc. before buying a camera will also help you to take right decision.

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