Door Curtain

A door curtain plays a major role in keeping drafts out of your home, and in adding extra insulation. Whether you’re talking about the back door, a patio door or the main entrance, door curtains will help you keep the cold out and the heat in, and in this way it can reduce your heating costs. Similarly, in warmer climates, door curtains can help keep your house cool, and shut out excess sunlight that might otherwise heat your rooms up.

As a rule, people use one curtain, not a pair, for a single door. Pole eyelets are an excellent option that will offer you a design that takes up less space, since the curtain will be less full. When you hang your door curtains, set the rod and hardware up so that the curtains will pull toward the hinge when you open them, so that opening and closing the door will be unimpeded.

A thermal lining will help to keep even more drafts from your house, whether the weather is very hot or very cold. A bump lining will help increase the amount of insulation the curtains will provide, by trapping a layer of air inside the curtains.

Most fabric curtains can be purchased as single curtains, which are the best for door curtains. Cotton velvet is a popular fabric for these curtains. Cold air generally stays closer to the ground, so you might want to measure your doors and let the drapery fabric rub at floor level, to act as an extra draft blocker.

A fully-lined door curtain can be bought in a stock size or made to measure for your own doors. The various types of curtains used for doors include pencil pleat, tabtop and designer curtains, roman blinds, valances, and door, eyelet and blackout curtains.

Door curtains serve an extra purpose, in adding elegance to a room and controlling the amount of light directed into your home. Door curtains are available in modern designs and French door curtains are made in newer styles, and designs that more aptly suit the window panels on your doors. Door curtains are now being more often made with new designs, patterns and styles.

Before you buy door curtains, make sure you accurately measure the door to be dressed. If you are shopping for French door curtains, some of the styles include sheer fabric door panels, soft stripe door panels, white sheer door panels and solid color door panels. You can go online before you head out to make your purchase, to compare various styles and prices. Prices will vary, according to style and fabric. Curtains should go well with your room’s decor, and they should give your interior an elegant look.

If you are putting drapes on a French door, you should coordinate them with the curtains on any French windows in the room, so that they accent each other. They should be rich in color and gorgeous to the eye. A door with fancy curtains gives a finishing look to your room, and pleases the eye. The designs available for a French door curtain reflect the colors and hues of the countryside of France, and bring those warm colors into your home.

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