Easy Espresso in Your Home With the Nespresso C100

The Nespresso C 100 is an easy to use espresso maker for use in the home of office. This nifty little coffee maker uses the Nespresso pods to make small espresso cups of coffee one at a time. The machine makes consistently great tasting coffee with the push of a button.

The Nespresso concept is the use of the pods. The pods used in this machine are only available directly from Nespresso. They are available in twelve different flavors. Each pod contains a pre-measured amount of coffee and the machine dispenses the same amount of water through each pod. The result is coffee that is brewed to perfection with each brew.

While most consumers are very impressed by this sleek triangular shaped coffee maker, there are a few common complaints of which consumers should be aware. First, the machine requires the Nespresso pods which can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Each pod costs approximately 0.50. Consumers, especially those that prefer a double or triple shot complain about the cost of the pods. Some consumers complain about the limited number of flavors that are available. The second complaint is that the coffee is not as hot as some would prefer.

On the other hand, the praises for the Nespresso C100 machine are numerous. It is easy to use. Just drop in the pod and push the button for your coffee. There is no need to tamp the coffee perfectly into the filter perfectly. In addition, with the pre-measured pods, the coffee tastes the same with every cup. Coffee drinkers that are used to spending several dollars on each cup of espresso will appreciate the cost savings of making a great cup of coffee at home. Many find that the easy clean machine is a perfect choice for use at home and especially at the office.

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