Easy Green Cleaning With the Vapamore MR 100

Green Cleaning is a simple way to reduce the harmful bi-products of modern life. But let’s be honest we’re pretty used to having things relatively easy and more importantly, very clean. One way to ditch the detergents and make your cleaning Eco Friendly is with the Vapamore MR 100 Dry Steam Cleaner.

I know, it’s still yet another home appliance and yes it consumes electricity, but not as much as you would think. And still, it is a green cleaning product as far as I am concerned if it means you have less tough toxic chemicals in your kitchen closets and definitely if it cleans safely without putting you or your family in any danger.

With the Vapamore MR 100 you really just rely on the cleaning qualities of a truly deep steam clean to get just about everything around the home, not only clean, but also totally sanitised. Steam vapor is driven into the pile of carpets, curtains, upholstery or whatever to drive out dirt and destroy bacteria. You could just use it to clean the wheel rims of your car, but personally I find it most useful around the home. There are so many items that are really difficult to get truly clean without the help of chemical cleaners. The more delicate the item the less apt we are to simply scrub it. We need something that can get rid of the dirt without doing any damage and really that just leaves chemical detergents or steam vapor cleaners.

The Vapamore Steam Cleaner does everything a tough detergent could and much much more. The high temperature of the steam emitted from the cleaner itself will even deal with dust-mites, fleas, spores and molds. This makes it invaluable for those with allergies or ill-health as the alternative chemical anti-bacterials and insecticides can be extremely dangerous to use in the home. This is a dry steam vapor cleaner and that means that actually very little water is ever driven into what you are cleaning. That makes it great for soft furnishings, mattresses and curtains that you cannot afford to get soaking wet.

It might be less green than elbow grease but the Vapamore MR 100 certainly makes for effortless easy Green Cleaning!

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