Easy Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Sometimes you just want to get out of the kitchen – the inside kitchen that is! Very popular in recent years is the concept of an outdoor patio kitchen. If you watch any of the home improvement shows that are currently always on TV, you will notice that many high end homes now come equipped with outdoor patio kitchens. Some of the kitchens can be quite expensive. But that is not a requirement, and you can almost as easily design an outdoor kitchen on a budget.

How big or how small you go with your outdoor patio kitchen depends on two things – space and money. If you have no limits on either, by all means go big. Get the biggest gas grill available so you will be able to cook for big crowds. If you have the room, add a covered area above your outdoor kitchen so the cook won’t roast in the heat of the sun! Add an outdoor sink, refrigerator, wine storage, trash compartments, a good stereo system and even a nice flat screen outdoor TV to the design. Of course, you can also add lots of storage by installing outdoor kitchen cabinets. You can get the whole set-up done in stainless steel, which is a great look and very weather resistant, and you can add other features like stone, granite and other high-end finishes.

If you are on a smaller piece of property and have a smaller budget, no problem – you can still get a great and functional outdoor kitchen so you can enjoy al fresco cooking and dining. Buy a normal size stainless steel grill, a smaller outdoor TV set, and just one or two outdoor kitchen cabinets to make your outdoor patio kitchen fit your needs and budget. One thing you’ll probably want to make sure you have is some adequate countertop space for food prep, and an outdoor sink is a great added bonus as well. Some outdoor dining furniture situated nearby provides the perfect place to enjoy a meal after it is prepared.

If you are looking for some great outdoor kitchen ideas, you can pick up some magazines at the local home improvement store, visit some kitchen displays, or check out model homes. Those are all good places to pick up helpful and useful ideas for your outdoor kitchen. You can find beautiful outdoor kitchen photos and ideas online, which is an easy way to start getting an idea of what you like and don’t like and what aspects of outdoor kitchen design are most important to you. If setting up a kitchen like this isn’t one of your strong points, or if you have to start dealing with running electrical or plumbing lines, you should definitely hire a contractor. Get a pro and get it done right!

Outdoor kitchens may seem like a luxury to most homeowners, but there is no set of requirements that defines a space as an outdoor kitchen. You can simply have a grill and a table, if that is all you can swing, or you can have an elaborate and intricate design that includes high end appliances, cabinet space, and all of the luxuries often found indoors. But no matter what end of the spectrum your outdoor kitchen design may fall into, adding any type of kitchen to the exterior of your home adds a great deal of functionality, and like the indoor kitchen, often becomes a central location for family and friends to congregate while enjoying the great outdoors.

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