Easy Steps to Convert a Propane Gas Grill to Natural Gas Grill

Gas grills are like a blessing for those who simply love spending summer evenings outdoor with friends’ barbequing. Your party is in full swing, you have reached the peak of enjoyment but out of the blue your burners stop working. To your surprise you see that you are left with no gas. Most gas grills that are overflowing the market are gas grills which function on propane gas. The constant replacement of the empty bottles with new ones is always tiring. I have a solution to your problem your propane grills can be converted into natural gas grills. This is a moderately challenging job.

I see you are very anxious to know how you can convert a propane grill to a natural gas grill. A few easy steps and then you reach your goal.

Firstly you try to locate the regulator of the grill. This resembles a silver valve. If you still face problem locating it then take help from the user manual. This controls the flow of propane to the grill; take this off using an adjustable wrench.

Secondly search for the orifices in the control knob assembly. You will find one under each of the knobs. You will see that that the gas line connector is placed between them. With the help of a flathead screwdriver and an adjustable wrench unscrew the entire knob assembly.

Next you need to widen the openings a bit. So carefully make use of a 1/16 inch power drill and drill into each orifice. Continue till you see the opening has widened.

The gas line and the shut-off valve for the grill should be connected using an adjustable wrench. Don’t miss to apply sealant to the connector threads. The other end of the line will connect to the gas connector present in the control knob assembly.

You need to disconnect the gas connection using the shut off valves. But your job is yet not over as you now need to search for a natural gas source and connect its line to your grill. There are again a couple of steps which you need to follow to do the change over; please refer to gas grill reviews and methods which are readily available online.

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