Eco Friendly Weed Killer is an Effective Alternative to Chemicals

Weed in the gardenYou’d love to look outside your window and see a beautiful, bountiful garden, and you’re willing to do the hard labor – but not if it means using toxic weed killers. Luckily, you can have loads of fresh flowers and produce growing in your garden without worrying about chemicals. You just need to find out which eco friendly weed killer works best for you.

Growing plants organically is an honorable goal, and it’s not as hard as you may think. Consider the fact that gardens have been around for centuries, but chemical weed killers have not. If natural, Eco friendly weed killers worked back then, they surely deserve a shot now.

Why Eco friendly week killers?

Lots of weedBefore figuring out which eco friendly weed killers will help you grow your garden, it’s important to consider just why it is you’re shying away from chemical weed killers – after all, you don’t want to get sucked in by the lure of their apparent effectiveness and efficiency.

Chemical weed killers are actually quite expensive and can be harmful to children, pets and other plants. Worst of all, they have the potential to leach into our water systems. Even light rains can carry the chemicals from recently applied herbicides into storm drains, which lead right to our water supplies. They also seep into the ground, winding up in wells and even in streams and ponds.

Clearly the downsides of using chemicals outweigh any positives. So with that understood, here’s a list of effective eco friendly weed killers.


Mix salt and water in a spray bucket and spray directly on weeds. It will work, but you should know that salt sterilizes the soil, so its best used for the weeds that lurk among sidewalks, walkways and driveways.


This acidic liquid is one serious weed killer when poured directly on the weed’s roots. You can also mix vinegar with dish detergent and spray the combo on weeds. Lemon juice works just as well, but it’s often more expensive than vinegar, making the latter a more economical eco friendly weed killer.


Boiled water poured over weeds can scald them to death. With no cost involved, it’s worth a try, as long as there are no other plants nearby that could suffer from the heat.

Tabasco sauce

Speaking of heat, a lot of successful gardeners swear by using this fiery sauce to put a damper on weed growth.

What else to do?

Along with these eco friendly weed killers, a little bit of manual labor is in order. Let the weed killers sit for a day or so, then pull up the weeds that are dying to ensure that they stay away. Also make sure that when you pull the weeds up, you get the whole root rather than just the stem. If you miss the root, there’s a good chance the weed will resprout.

Lawn, weed after rain

If back pain leaves you wary of getting down on your hands and knees to pull those suckers firmly out of the ground, you can use a hoe to hack the roots apart. Remember that despite your best efforts, deep-rooted weeds might survive. In that case, use a hand rake or cultivator to dig them out of the ground altogether.

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