Electric Cooktops For Outdoor Kitchens

When you are building a home kitchen outdoors, there are many things to consider. You do, of course, probably want a built-in stainless steel grill for barbecue dinners. This is almost a given. A refrigerator is another outdoor amenity that is appreciated and is often put to good use. With all of the things on your wish list, however, don’t forget to consider an electric cook top for heating the hot dishes at your grill party. You will be glad you added this feature, since it will save you from the hassles of having to run indoors to complete your meal, and electric cooktops can often be purchased online at great prices, so the addition of this appliance to your outdoor kitchen design shouldn’t break the bank.

There are many advantages of electric cooktops. Using electric for a cooking source gives you the freedom to put your cooktop just about anywhere in your outdoor kitchen, because all you need to add is an electrical outlet, rather than having to run a gas line to a particular location. Not bound by the restraints of gas cooking, that typically also needs an overhead vent (although if you are cooking outdoors in an open area, you can often get away without installing a vent), using an electric cook top gives you a lot more location options than its gas counterpart.

Cook-top appliances separate the traditional oven and burner and can give you a variety of non-traditional kitchen designs. This is especially true in outdoor kitchens, where there is often no need for a traditional oven while there is still a need for the extra burners that a cooktop provides. The burners can be located on an island or along a stretch of countertop near the grill or in a separate area, and the flat top can double as additional counter space when not in use. If you are also including an oven in your outdoor kitchen, the oven can be recessed into a wall seamlessly with any cabinetry for a sleek modern outdoor kitchen design.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind to help you decide if adding an electric cooktop to your outdoor kitchen is a good idea:

  • Electric cook tops are easy to clean and can come with side ventilation to minimize cooking odors in your immediate outdoor cooking space.
  • The glass tops, when cleaned after every use, will not retain a build up of grease.
  • The clean look of the glass can come with identifying rings for the burners or none at all.
  • Touch sensors are available as well as the traditional dials for you to choose from.
  • Electric induction cooking is another choice of cooking. If you are switching to an induction cooking top, however, it may mean an investment in new cookware to accommodate the different kind of heat transference. The freedom of this fuel for cooking will let you design the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

One consideration when choosing electric cooktops for your outdoor kitchen design is that you should only install the appliance in a location that has some type of overhead covering to protect the cooktop from being hit by falling debris from surrounding trees or items blowing in the wind. The electric source also needs to be in a location that does not come into contact with water and all proper electrical wiring and precautions should be followed for outdoor electric installation. You should also take into account the weather where you live and inquire as to whether there will be any issues with your cooktop due to the weather, such as if you live in a climate with drastic freeze-thaw cycles or copious amounts of rain or wind.

Living outdoors in pleasant weather adds bonus lifestyle points to everyday life. Installing an additional home kitchen to be used outdoors can turn out to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your residence.

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