Essential Garden Decor items

Here is a very short list of some of the more popular garden decor products that are available today. We will touch on each briefly and hopefully drive into each in greater detail soon.

Statuary- There are many kinds of garden statues that are appropriate for your garden area. They range from concrete all the way up to bronze. Recycled yard art has become very popular in recent years.
Wildlife accessories- There are many kinds of wildlife enhancing items that you can add to your garden not the least of which are the plants and flowers that your grow there. We will dig into this more in a future article, but for now we are going to focus on the many varieties of birding devices.
Bird baths – From simple do it yourself recycling projects (which are some of the best) to elaborate works of art, a bird bath can become a fantastic center piece to your garden.
Birdhouses – If most of the cutting and power tool preparation work is done ahead of time, building a birdhouse can be a great project for the kids in your family. You will want to get a birdhouse the is made for the specific types of birds you are interested in attracting because birds of different species like different types of homes.
Bird Feeders – These are great at attracting birds (and other animals) to your garden area. You will need to watch out for squirrels stealing all of your bird food. There are some pretty ingenious anti-squirrel feeders around and we hope to cover them soon.
Wind Chimes – One of the best audio and visual items that you can add your back yard garden or patio area. There are many different styles, materials and sounds to choose from and most wind chimes are pretty reasonable in price.
Garden Features – Garden features include things like garden row labels, structures for climbing plants
Other decorative items like flags, signs and plaques.
Another great idea is to give away garden decor gifts. they can be used indoors or out and you can match them to the style of the person that you are giving them to.

As you can see, there are many avenues for sprucing up your garden décor. We hope to cover many of these items and other great garden décor ideas soon.

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