Every Garage Needs A Floor Jack

Everyone should have at least one automotive floor jack in their garage. Even if you don’t work on cars very often, sooner or later it’ll come in handy. For example, you might need to change a tire or even swap on a set of winter tires, and it’s much easier to do with a real jack than a cheap jack that comes with most cars. It’s important to figure out what features you need though, before you head out to buy one.

There are a couple things to look for when buying a jack, especially if it’s the only jack you’ll be buying. One big thing to look at is quality. Of course, you want to get as high quality a jack as possible for your money. Another is jack height. The jack points on cars are a lot lower than you’d expect and a lot of jacks can’t fit under lower or smaller cars. They do make jacks that are specifically designed to have a lower entry point when the jack is completely lowered and you should try to find a model with this design, if possible.

One of the biggest concerns is whether the jack can hold the weight of the car. Check how much your car weighs and compare that to the recommend load on the jack. The jack should be able to hold 1.5 times the car’s weight for it to be safe. The last thing you need is a trip to the hospital with a smashed hand or worse because of a car repair accident.

Knowing what you want and finding it are two different things. Luckily, present day technology makes comparing automotive floor jacks much easier than 15 years ago. With places like Amazon, you can quickly see what hundreds of people think about any given jack with just the click of a button. You can see the automotive jacks with the highest review and also which ones tend to break after a short period of time. Once you’ve found the one that fits you best, you can head around to a lot of the online automotive parts stores and compare prices, or you can just buy your automotive floor jack on Amazon, since their prices are usually competitive with other online retailers. Prices will most likely vary a bit and with some searching you should be able to find a great deal. Keep an eye out for coupon codes to help save an extra 10% if possible.

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