Exotic Flowers For Your Home And Garden

Nowadays, exotic flowers are extremely hard to come by, but they are surely a great addition to any flower arrangement if you want to add some unique style. Most exotic flowers come from Hawaii or any of the hundreds of Pacific islands. The most common exotic flowers that florists and customers seek are Orchids, Yellow Hibiscus, and Birds of Paradise. All of these exotic flowers can be found in Hawaii and are only sold in the continental United States in limited quantities due to how far they have to travel to get there. It is a minimum of a 6 hour flight to transport these flowers stateside, but these beautiful exotic flowers are more versatile then you might think and it is worth it when they make the long journey.

Orchids are the most common exotic flower that is requested from Hawaii. There are many different styles and colors of Orchids available to choose from. This exotic flower requires only a minimum of attention and care in comparison to many other exotic flower types. They require less water than most exotic flowers and also continue to grow in dark areas. They will also remain fresh up to 2 weeks without withering, which makes them viable candidates for shipping across the continental US without fear of them deteriorating before they reach their destination.

The Yellow Hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower and it is a truly beautiful and vibrant flower. This type of hibiscus is rarely seen in the wild and is mostly grown in nurseries. This might be one of the hardiest and most costly exotic flowers to get, but they are worth it if you are looking to get something unique and stunning. Yellow Hibiscus are mainly used in wedding flower arrangements.

The last exotic flower we are going to discuss in this article is the most famous and weirdest exotic flower found in Hawaii. The Bird of Paradise is similar to orchids in that these exotic flowers grow wild in Hawaii and also require minimum to no maintenance. But they certainly have a rather unique look to them that’s all their own. You’ll mainly find them growing from lava rocks, which is a perfect combination of yin and yang – beauty growing on a harsh environment.

There are many types of exotic flowers available and some are easier to get than others. In some cases, you can have them shipped directly from their original destination to just about anywhere in the world.

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