Extending the Life of Your Sheets with Good Flannel Sheet Care

Good flannel sheet care can ensure that you will enjoy your favorite flannel sheets for years to come. Anytime you are working with fabrics that are often used and frequently washed, it is important to use detergents that will reduce the amount of wear that washing and abrasive soaps can cause. Properly caring for flannel requires no more time than one would otherwise spend washing sheets, but it will drastically extend their life and keep them looking fresh and new, even if they are used in heavy rotation.

One should always choose their detergent carefully. While bleach can work wonders on many stains, it is best avoided for regular sheet maintenance. Non-chorine bleach can be a good option that will retain the cleaning power without causing undue damage to the flannel. If you will be washing sheets that are brightly colored, make sure your detergent is indicated for this type of use. Using mild detergent is not just a good idea when washing sheets, it can help extend the life of all the fabrics that you regularly clean in the washing machine.

Instead of turning your washing machine to one of the hottest settings, consider washing your sheets in warm water instead. Not only is this a more energy efficient way to use your machine, it will also reduce the likelihood that your sheets will become misshapen or shrink with regular washings. Before cleaning your sheets for the first time, take the time to read any care instructions that are listed on the tag. These can alert you to any special tips that will work for your particular brand.

When stains do occur, deal with them as quickly as possible. The more time that stains have to set, the more difficult they become to remove. Pre treating stains is still the best way to combat them. However, one should be careful not to scrub the stained area. Not only can this help the stain to set into the fabric, but rubbing can also wear away the fibers, which can lead to difficult to mend holes.

The last thing that anyone can do to make their sheets last longer is to avoid the dryer whenever possible. In the summertime, hanging sheets outside to dry is a quick way to deal with any wetness from the washing process. During the winter months, consider adding a drying rack to your laundry room. Keep in mind that sheets will dry more slowly when hung indoors and away from the sun, so allow a little extra time.

With good flannel sheet care, it is possible to get years of use from your favorite set of sheets.

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