Facts about Outdoor Pillows

Not everything made for use in the out of doors has a rugged look. Regent Garden pillows highlight the existence of elegance among the available outdoor pillows. The design on each of these soft items recalls the pattern found on 19th Century English garden tiles. Skillful hands have worked with cotton, in order to make sure that each pillow showcases the look of linen. Therefore, these rich looking decorative pieces can withstand exposure to sun and rain.

The summer “Garden” catalog from Restoration Hardware includes pictures of pale green Regent outdoor pillows. Those pictures call attention to the degree to which a colorful pillow can add to the appeal of any piece of furniture. In those catalog pictures, the rich color of the Regent pillows makes a striking contrast to the gray wooden bench in the published picture. The dark green foliage, which rises above the back of that bench manages to accentuate the striking nature of that contrast.

The same catalog contains useful information about a popular fabric, one frequently used on pillows that will be placed in an outdoor environment. That fabric is the one that carries the Sunbrella name. According to the information supplied by the RH editors, Sunbrella now offers both canvas and twill fabrics. The lightweight cotton fabric has a flat and consistent weave. The heavier twill fabrics have the same variegated feel as a conventional natural fabric.

Sunbrella fabrics are designed for use on outdoor glider cushions and pillows. The cotton fabrics come in twelve different hues: natural, linen, wheat, topaz, charcoal, mocha, cornflower, navy, persimmon, grass, laurel and grey. The twill fabrics come in five neutral tones: natural, linen, gray, mocha and charcoal. Any one of these solids can be used together with a patterned pillow. Such a pairing makes a lovely and welcoming addition to any outdoor setting.

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