Find a Hand / Manual Coffee Grinder, Why Zassenhaus?

I’m often approached by people telling me that I am mad to be spending the amount of money I do on my coffee drinking habit. What with the espresso machine, coffee grinder and all the beans I go through in a year I must have spent at least…well a lot of money over the last few years.

When I think about it logically I realise that spending so much money on drinking coffee may indeed be slightly mad and I understand why many people are looking to spend a little less to make good coffee at home. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve decided to discuss the Hand Coffee Grinder.

Obviously for many individuals the idea of investing $300 in a coffee grinder seems ludicrous and with that being the price of a really good model its lucky that there are other alternatives. Its not just a case of buying a top of the range Mazzer or not having good coffee although I get caught up in the coffee world and start to believe that it is.

If you are not getting a top quality electric burr coffee grinder then your choice comes down to two options. One, you can buy ready ground coffee from the high street which I have talked about before and we’ve decided is a route than any coffee lover should be avoiding if possible. Secondly you can instead buy yourself a great hand coffee grinder for a very respectable price.

Now, hand coffee grinders will take a little more effort to create a coffee in the morning seeing as you have to physically grind the beans with your own hands but I actually get a strange satisfaction from doing the hard work and feel like I really deserve my cup of coffee when I get round to drinking the finished product. Using a manual coffee grinder really adds to the ritual of creating a coffee and can make the experience as a whole more enjoyable.

Zassenhaus Manual Coffee Grinder

Zassenhaus Manual Coffee GrinderIts true that this method might make you less inclined to drink coffee when you can’t be bothered to go through the rigmarole of operating the grinder by hand but if you are looking for an economical solution to making good coffee you need to look no further.

You should be able to buy a great hand coffee grinder for around $100 so you can see that there is big price saving from the electrical models even if you opt for the best available.

My favourite model is the Zassenhaus Manual Coffee Grinder which is a very well engineered device with a cam driven grinding mechanism and a beech wood box.You can tell this grinder is really well made and produces great, fine coffee grounds. For the nice retail price you really can’t go wrong and it makes a great Christmas present for any coffee lover.

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