Finding A Cheap Bathroom Vanity

A cheap bathroom vanity can be an elegant addition that transforms the room from a utilitarian hub to a fantastic space for luxurious relaxation. While bathroom vanities have long been associated with the boudoir-style powder room designed for pre-celebration grooming, the daily uses for a vanity are tremendous as well. Cheap bathroom vanity units are available in a variety of styles, to fit your lifestyle needs, budget, and interior design tastes.

cheap bathroom vanityThe first issue to consider when searching for a bathroom vanity is how many sinks will be in use. For a shared bathroom, his and hers sinks are a common occurrence as they give each user their own space, and can prevent squabbles over differing standards of neatness. The next factor to take into account is whether the bathroom vanity will serve as a location for limited functions, like brushing teeth and shaving, or whether higher-maintenance tasks will be completed there. For people who have extensive makeup or grooming routines, a large countertop surrounding the sink will be useful to hold implements without overcrowding.

The existing decor of the bathroom will also affect the style, and price, of your ideal bathroom vanity. Cheap bathroom vanity tops come in a variety of materials and finishes, from rich marble to somber laminated woods. If you have eclectic tastes, you may want to search for an antique vanity or chest that could be converted into a vanity, as the uniqueness of the piece will distinguish your bathroom.

Cheap bathroom vanity units can be found for prices as low as $200. It is a good idea to coordinate the mirror and lighting setup to maximize the impact of your vanity, as it will often be the focal point of the bathroom in relation to other furnishings. Cheap bathroom vanities in all styles are a great way to set the mood for your bathroom, impressing visitors and expressing your individual design aesthetic.

Discount Bathroom Vanities

In today’s economy, we are always looking for a better deal on whatever it is we are buying. When you are doing something like rehabbing your bathroom, you are naturally going to look for the best deal you can find when choosing the items that will go into the room. It is possible to cut the costs of a bathroom rehab by a large margin by seeking out deals on things like discount bathroom vanities.

Just because the item has the word discount in front of it does not mean it cannot be part of the beautiful bathroom you envisioned when you started down the path of rehabbing your bathroom. Discounted simply means you were smarter than then next guy, or gal, and you did your homework to find the item you wanted, at the price you wanted. Imagine your satisfaction when you put together your entire bathroom at a discount bathroom vanitiesdiscount. Nobody but you would know it, but as you stand back and admire your new bathroom, you would have the satisfaction of knowing you did it and did not break the bank.

So, what kind of discount bathroom vanities are you going to add? Well, that depends on your choice of sinks. Are you going with one sink or two? Once you have decided on those things you can begin to look at vanity choices. Do you want a vanity with open space inside, or do you have a need for shelves and drawers? Perhaps a combination of different kinds of storage spaces is the way to go. Once again, examine your needs and think about who uses the room and what they might need in the way of storage.

When looking for your discount bathroom vanities, check places like yard sales, or the local flea market. There are usually some real treasures waiting to be found in such places. Don’t be afraid to haggle. The people selling in these environments are not looking to keep the items they have for sale. they will almost always come down in price, sometimes by a huge amount. Check out your local newspaper. Most things nowadays are done online, so do a search for your town and “discount bathroom vanities”. You might be surprised at what you find!

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