Finding Matching Replacement Cushions

If you’ve recently found that your old patio cushions are a bit worn, torn, faded or otherwise in need of replacing, you’ll be wise to check into some new cushions. Now, the trick with finding great replacement cushions is that they may not be the same color or pattern as the originals. Well, they may be hard to find is the real answer, there. It might be possible to find the same style, but more than likely your other cushions will be faded or have some other type of wear to them. For this reason, it is usually suggested that you try to buy a whole new set when you are in need of replacing even just one.

If you have a porch or patio swing, then this is not an issue for you. With these types of furniture items, you are usually going to get the whole cushion as one piece. Occasionally, the back and seat cushion are two separate pieces. It really depends on the brand or manufacturer of the particular style you own.

When you are looking for new patio furniture cushions, keep in mind that you might be able to find better deals if you buy them as a set. A set is often four but may be as many as six cushions. Also, purchasing your chair cushions from an online retailer may save you money as well. You’ll need to factor in shipping, but this is minimal in comparison to the cost of the cushions themselves. You will want to try out the cushions first, in most cases.

You can ‘shop’ for your cushions by going to your local home improvement warehouse stores or patio furniture outlets and sit on them. This is an important step in the buying process. It isn’t that you will not be able to return the ones you purchase online, but it is just time wasted not being able to enjoy your time outdoors on your patio.

Remember, if you are trying to match an older cushion set, your only option may be to go to the store or online retailer where you bought them. Styles change so quickly that what was available one year might not be the next. You may find that finding replacement cushions is just harder than buying a whole new set.

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