Finding the Highest Quality Flannel Sheets, Queen Sized

Though flannel sheets in a queen size have a reputation for being high quality, not all sheets are made to the same high standards. From brand to brand, there is a lot of variation in terms of sheet thickness, how long the colors will remain true, and how well they remain in place. If you are trying a brand for the first time, it may seem like there is little that can be done to determine how they will wear. However, there are ways that customers can estimate the quality of flannel sheets queen sized even before leaving a store or ordering them online.

The thickness of the sheet is a good indicator of how long it will last. Thicker fabrics are, as one would expect, less likely to develop holes from washing and wear. Determining the thickness of a sheet requires little more than feeling the fabric between the fingers. When considering sealed packages or online purchases, the weight of the package can also indicate how thick the fabric is. If you are deciding between two options, also choose the one that lists the higher shipping weight.

Sheets should not only be thick, but the fabric should be tightly woven. By holding your new sheet up to the light and noting how much light shines through, you can quickly get a sense of the thread count if one is not listed. Flannel sheets should allow little light though, and one should not be able to make out definite shapes when looking though the fabric. The more the sheet obscures your vision, the better the quality.

Customer reviews are one of the surest ways to get a sense of how long a sheet set will last. Even if you prefer to shop locally, seeking out reviews through large online retailers will paint a picture of the true experience of owning a sheet set. There is no need to read hundreds of reviews for each sheet. Instead, selectively pick a few that represent the best experiences, the worst and a few in between. If the same issues are consistently mentioned, you can assume that this is something that is common to most customers who purchased these sheets. Remember, one does not need to confine their review search to sheets in the same color and pattern. As long as the sheets are the same size and manufactured under the same label, the quality should be consistent.

Knowing a few tricks when sheet shopping can take the risk of out looking for flannel sheets queen sized.

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