Finding the Right Fit in Waterbed Sheets

Shopping for waterbed sheets is a bit different than looking for sheets for a standard bed. Sheets that are designed to fit waterbeds are made with deep pockets, large enough to accommodate the thick mattress. In addition to the thicker pocket design, these sheets are often accompanied by additional fixtures, which allow them to be tightly affixed to the smooth surface of the bed. Using sheets that are exclusively designed for use with a waterbed will ensure that making the bed each morning is easy and that the bedding will remain in place all night long.

Waterbed sheets are not necessarily sold everywhere that standard sheets can be found. Large department stores will often carry bedding for waterbeds, but stores with a smaller selection, or those that carry just a few brands, may not. For those who have just made the switch to this type of mattress, it may be necessary to find a new bedding designer, as not all lines offer options with pockets large enough to accommodate all mattresses.

There are two good options for finding the right sheets for your new bed. The first is through the furniture store from which you bought it. Some stores that specialize in the sale of waterbeds also carry all the additional products necessary for their use and care. Not only will shoppers find sheets and comforters to fit, they will also find kits to fix small repairs and information on the long term care that a waterbed will require. If your store does not carry these accessories, representatives from a store will often be able to point you to a local dealer who can help.

Of course, online shopping is perhaps the easiest way to find the appropriate sheets for your bed. Many online retailers offer full waterbed sheet lines, with a far larger selection than one would expect from a local outlet. This will enable customers to choose the colors and patterns that complement their bedding and the rest of the decor in the room. Item descriptions are quite detailed, so there is little need to worry about what the product will look like when it arrives.

Before you order, check the size of the waterbed mattress that you are using. There are three main size categories, King, Queen and Single. Though the size may be determined by measuring the mattress, most have an attached label that clearly denotes into which category your mattress falls.

Through online or specialty stores, anyone can find waterbed sheets that fit perfectly.

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