Finding the Right Outdoor TV Cabinet Solution

At the beginning of your search for the perfect solution of finding the right outdoor TV cabinet for your home or business, it seems like a bit of a monumental task. A little research will pay big dividends, though.

We need to examine a number of requirements and then look at the options available. Outdoor TV cabinets come in a wide range of prices, so we need to first determine the budget available for this purchase. This will cut down the search.

One will need to access their priorities for their situation. There are several basic issues that need to be dealt with before proceeding with your choice. Knowing what is available in the marketplace will help you set your criteria for choices. In searching for a furniture TV cabinet, you need to know the basic components.

You will need an understanding of LCD, Plasma, or TV mounts available to you. For a TV stand cabinet, you should consider a cantilever mount. This would be especially true for a corner TV cabinet. This allows you to recess your TV within the cabinet and pull it out when you want to view it. This mount allows the set to also pivot and to tilt. Some TV cabinets are built to contain a lift system for your TV. The top of the furniture opens up for the TV to rise out of the cabinet. For outdoor use you would need a special cabinet made of appropriate materials, such as marine grade polymer, or stainless steel for example. Polymers come in ten or more colors to match your decor. These materials will not warp or peel or crack, unlike a pine TV cabinet, for instance.

Because changing weather conditions can affect the sensitive electronics of televisions, there are weatherproof televisions available. They are very very expensive. Because of this, most of those needing outdoor applications make use of TV enclosures. These enclosures are quite technologically advanced. They are used in malls, theme parks, stadiums, schools and colleges, hospitals and other public venues.

They come with the ability to be mounted in various ways. Some of which are ceiling mounts, wall mounts, floor stand mounts, truss pole mounts and, of course, cabinet enclosure. These all come with their own options and advantages.

The prime consideration is, naturally, the elements. The purpose of the enclosure is protection from the environment. The elements that the TV needs to be protected from include extreme temperature or temperature swings, moisture (water), dust, wind, abrasion, corrosion, molds and mildews, and even fire. To protect from these threats, the enclosed system uses special materials and designs. To protect from moisture, the case is often a powder coat or a stainless steel. The viewing area is protected by non-reflective tempered glass or an acrylic or Lexan screen. These are waterproof, scratch resistant, flameproof, and have excellent optical clarity. The Lexan is of a higher quality than acrylic. The means of protecting against temperature swings is achieved in two different manners. Your environment would determine which applies to your situation. One system utilizes a thermostat which activates a fan or fans. A more elaborate system actually employs an internal heat and air condition unit. Check with the respective manufactures for applicable temperature ranges.

Whether you have an LCD TV or Plasma TV or an older version TV, you will have to choose how you want to have it displayed. You will be able to view your flat screen set in a portrait or landscape positioning. The adapter plate affords you this option. You may choose your cabinet to fit your bracket selection, a lift system or a cantilever system. Or you may choose your cabinet and adapt it to the bracket selection that suits you best.

You will then have other options available to you as well. There are issues to consider relative to cable management. You will want to check into security systems to protect against vandalism or theft. While there are locks on enclosures, such as round key compression locks, there are also alarm systems you can consider.

Research what is out there to fit your specific needs whether it be a TV cabinet or a Television stand. Looking at these basics will help you get started on a path to a decision with which you will be satisfied.

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