Fire Pits For Your Outdoor Spaces


Fire pits for your outdoor space are used to heat cool evenings or cook. They create a warm and relaxing environment where family and friends can gather. You can choose between portable and immovable depending on your needs. An outdoor bench or curved fire pit bench provides comfortable seating around a fire pit. Some types of fire pits include gas fire pit, charcoal, pre-fab, chiminea, in-ground, camping or wood burning. A chiminea resembles a pot belly stove and has a long neck like a chimney. Fire pits can also set in the middle of a circular fire pit table.

Fire pits come in sizes from small to large. The size you choose depends on the amount of space you have on your patio, deck or outdoor area. There should be enough room for people to move around comfortably. Also, a clearance of approximately three feet is a safe distance from sparks. Size also depends on the size of the logs if your fire pit is made for wood. Some fire pits come with spark-arrestors screens which help contain the sparks. A fire pit table also comes in a variety of sizes such as small, full size or knee high. You can buy an outdoor bench in different widths and heights.

Fire pits come in materials such as iron and copper. These metals are excellent heat conductors. High temperature paints work to keep rust from forming on iron. A sealant will maintain a copper finish. Gas fire pits come with a table made of material such as stone, brick, ceramic or marble. Chiminea fire pits are usually made of clay or cast iron. Most types of wood can be used for wood burning fire pits. Fire pits for your outdoor space shouldn’t be placed in an area where they could ignite a fire or in an enclosed space. A gas fire pit should be regularly checked for holes or leaks before fuel is added.

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