Five Different Styles of Homes

When buying a new home there are many things you need to consider. They type of home you buy is determined largely by your budget but also to suit your needs. If you have a family you need somewhere that is close to schools and that is large enough to house your family comfortably. A working couple without kids might prefer a town house or apartment closer to the centre of the city. The other thing to consider is the style of home and what it is constructed from. Once you buy your home make sure you check it is secure and that it has both security doors and security screens.

Straw bale

For a more environmentally friendly home option you might want to consider purchasing a straw bale home. As the name suggests a straw bale home is constructed with straw bales and is extremely well insulated, which will save you on heating and cooling bills. These homes are easy to build for those who want to build their own home, they are fast to build and they require significantly less wood than a normal home. As straw bale homes are fast to build they can mean they cost much less to build than a conventional house.

Mud brick

A mud brick home is another environmentally friendly method of home construction which is extremely affordable. It is also aesthetically appealing and is incredibly unique. By buying and living in a mud brick home you can be happy knowing that you are having a positive impact on the environment and it will also be kind to your hip pocket as your home will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer without the need for excessive heating or cooling.

Log cabin

No longer just a small holiday home in the bush, log cabins are becoming more popular as everyday homes and are built in all sizes and designs. A log cabin reduces the need to use many of the toxic materials usually used for insulation in conventional homes. It also is a much greener option and you can make your home even more energy efficient by having double glazed windows and water saving taps and shower heads. A log cabin will save on heating and cooling as the thick log walls are a natural insulation. The walls will also block out more outside noise than a normal house.


Colorbond is a popular material for roof construction but it can also be used for exterior walls. It comes in many different colours which you can match with your roof or blend in with your surroundings. It comes in long lengths which means it can be put up quickly so there is a reduction in labour, therefore saving on costs. If the building is properly insulated it will help cut down on energy costs. It looks great on both modern homes as well as more eco friendly style homes that are built to blend in with the surroundings.


The dream home is fast changing from a piece of suburban paradise to an apartment in the city, and if you live on your own or are a career based couple then this type of living is ideal. Families are even being drawn to this style of living now. When living in an apartment you don’t have any garden to worry about, you are close to shops and you may have the use of the apartment building’s facilities, like a gym or a pool.

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